10 Best Villain Role in the Movie

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10 Best Villain Role in the Movie. So, today we will dissect the best movie villains. This time, the top is expanded, I did not meet the top ten
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10 Best Villain Role in the Movie

10 Best Villain Role in the Movie. So, today we will dissect the best movie villains. This time, the top is expanded, I did not meet the top ten – there are a lot of good villains, I did not want to leave anyone overboard.

As usual, the top is highly subjective and reflects only my private opinion, which does not pretend to any objective reality. Many famous characters will not be here at all. Yes, I’m talking about Darth Vader. And about Sauron. And about Jack Torrens from The Shining . I do not like them. And I love very different types.



Movie: Blade 2

Actor: Luke Goss

Quote: “Vampires … I hate vampires!”

10 Best Villain Role in the Movie

Nomak is a very memorable villain. One of the few comic book antagonists that doesn’t look one-dimensional at all. On the contrary – Nomaku even sympathize in something. The first scene with his participation is simply magnificent, and it sets the tone for the rest of the film. I like this guy. He has a style.



Movie: Kill Bill and Kill Bill 2

Actor: David Carradine

Quote: “Do you consider me a sadist?

10 Best Villain Role in the Movie

Bill is a very unusual and bright villain. However, Tarantino has no other. Bill’s extreme ambiguity is emphasized by the soft play of David Carradine, who gives his character simply impeccable charm. Very, very worthy villain, whose name is not in vain made in the name of the film.


Mrs. Carmody

Movie: “The Darkness”

Actress: Marsha Gay Harden

Quote: “Atonement will disperse the fog! Atonement will sweep away these monstrous monsters! Atonement will remove the curtain of fog from our eyes and let us see! What is Bible redemption? What is the only remedy that removes sin in the eyes and mind of God? Blood! ” (C)

10 Best Villain Role in the Movie

Here is the first woman on this list, and at the same time the first religious fanatic. Always hated this type of villains, and Mrs. Carmody – the worst of all such types. The creature that has completely flown off the coils – while watching the “Mgla”, the whole audience applauded when it was shot. So do I.



Movie: The Dark Knight: Revival of a Legend

Actor: Tom Hardy

Quote: “Nobody cared about me until I put on my mask”

10 Best Villain Role in the Movie

Bane is one of many magnificent villains created by Chris Nolan for his Bat trilogy. Tough, complex, smart and ruthless. And besides – excellently played by Tom Hardy. What can I say – Bane is remembered. Just as memorable!



Film: “Phantasm” and “Phantasm 2 ″

Actor: Angus Scrimm

Quote: “Do you think when you die, you will go to heaven?” No. You will come to us! ”

10 Best Villain Role in the Movie

Verzila is one of the most terrible and frightening villains created by the cinema. This tall and sinister old man, always dressed in a funeral costume, makes an absolutely terrible impression on an unprepared brain.

Needless to say, Fantazm managed to create a magnificent image of pure evil lurking under the guise of man. And modern anthropomorphic scarecrows, such as the Subtle Man, are only pale reflections of Verzila.



Movie: “Communication”

Actor: Joe Pantoliano

Quote: “Well, who is dead now, Johnny? Try to guess again. Who’s dead, bastard? I can’t hear you! ”

10 Best Villain Role in the Movie

Sizar is a very charismatic antagonist who is hardly a villain. Closer to the finale, you even start to hurt a little for his success, and the resourcefulness and fortitude of this guy really bribes. Even being a cruel mafioso, Cesar shows many positive qualities, and his quick wit and composure can only be envied. A wonderful character who easily steals a film from two main characters.


Captain vidal

Film: “Labyrinth of the Faun”

Actor: Sergi Lopez

Quote: “Don’t fuck with me!” (C)

10 Best Villain Role in the Movie

The brutal captain Vidal simply had to get on this list. Here he will be responsible for all the ideological sadists born of the war and tyrannical political regimes. It seems that in peacetime Vidal would be an ordinary person, maybe only a little gloomy and tough. But the war turned him into a monster that scares as much as possible all the creatures from the rich monster “Fauna Labyrinth”.


Jackson Rippner

Movie: “Night Flight”

Actor: Killian Murphy

Quote: “At the moment, you are embraced by women, based on emotions, torment. And I sympathize with you. But in order to save time and nerves, let’s turn to men’s logic based on facts, ”

10 Best Villain Role in the Movie

Rippner is another beautiful example of a charming villain who even partially destroys the prevailing stereotypes of international terrorism. In “Night Flight” the worst terrorist is not a bearded fanatic at all, screaming “Allahu akbar!” And undermining himself in the middle of a crowded street, but a pleasant young man with a quiet voice and excellent manners. Killian Murphy’s excellent game completes the image. Just a great villain.


Freddy krueger

Movie: “A Nightmare on Elm Street”

Actor: Robert Englund

Quote: “In life, I was just a little nightmare. But after they killed me, I began to behave much worse ”

10 Best Villain Role in the Movie

Freddy Krueger is a cult villain. His name has become a household name, so I will not begin to talk about him for a long time. Unless I mention an amazing sense of humor, which favorably sets off the deeds of this supernatural maniac from the exploits of colleagues. The rest of the slasher heroes to Mr. Striped Sweater – as to the Moon.


Le chiffre

Movie: Casino Royale

Actor: Mads Mikkelsen

Quote: “Torture does not have to be sophisticated”

10 Best Villain Role in the Movie

Le Schiffre is my favorite Bond villain, as is Casino Royale, my favorite film from all of Bond. The course taken on realism also affected the image of the antagonist, as a result we got Le Schiffre – a bright and thoughtful poker player who is not so much a villain as an accountant. However, you cannot refuse him charisma: the antagonist turned out to be credible. Rays of hate to the screenwriters who leaked this character so easily!

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