10 Free Plugins For Adding Structured Data To Your WordPress Website

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10 Free Plugins For Adding Structured Data To Your WordPress Website

10 Free Plugins For Adding Structured Data To Your WordPress Website. Everyone HASA website. They want to increase the visibility of their website. Structured data is nothing but it is one of the source code that sits on your pages. This source code is not visible by human but it is only readable by search engines.

The structured data is essential to the business. It is one of the important parts of search engine optimization. The structured data is also called as schema markup. Using this your users to get the information without any problem. This is especially used for voice-based search.With the help of that, the voice-based search has become more prevalent.Read this below passages you can know the additional information about the structured data.

Essential Facts About The Structured Data

The structured data help to add, organizing as well as display your website content.The structured data used to tell the meaning of your web content to the search engines. Without schema mar up your search engine cannot understand your content.There are three types of structured data’s are present. The schema consists of three-term such as item scope, item type, and item prop.These are used to define the properties and information about your products. With the help of the various tool you can be adding the structured data on your web page. The structured data contains a particular detail about the products such as the name of the product, description, rating of the product, and price.

Various Plugins For Adding Structures Data 

There are many free plugins are present for adding structured data to your word press web page. This content will enhance the list of the users as well as provide the immediate answer to their questions. It is very helpful for the business. The different plugins are given below,

  • Schema

It will add a valid markup content to your WordPress Website Design Services.It is one of the great options for publishing such as articles, blog posts, multimedia content, and profiles.


  • WP SEO Structured Data Schema

This is used for those really want to micro-manage their site. It will offer the galore option that will appeal on individual pages. It supports both custom post site as well as many data types.


  • Markup

It is one of the straightforward plugins for adding structured data to your word press website.It consists of setting a panel that contains several numbers of different types of data such as article, blog post, event, local business and many more.It consists of various features that are helpful to forget further information.


  • Business Profile

It is the easiest way to share the details about your products and business info with search engines. It is also support for reviews.


  • Schema App Structured Data

It is also one of the great choices for adding structured data. It is doesn’t have any complicated setup. With the help of this you can easily create your website content.Once you activated this plugin after and then fill a few basic details after that your all pages, posts and categories are will be automatically marked up with complaint schema.

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