13 Reasons Why star Tommy Dorfman comes out as trans woman

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13 Reasons Why prima  Tommy Dorfman comes retired  arsenic  trans woman

Tommy Dorfman has made the satellite known that she is simply a trans woman.

Speaking to TIME Magazine, the 13 Reasons Why prima got candid astir her transition.

"For a twelvemonth now, I person been privately identifying and surviving arsenic a woman—a trans woman," Tommy shared. 

"It's comic to deliberation astir coming out, due to the fact that I haven't gone anywhere. I presumption contiguous arsenic a reintroduction to maine arsenic a woman, having made a modulation medically."

"Coming retired is ever viewed arsenic this expansive reveal, but I was ne'er not out," she continued. 

"Today is astir clarity: I americium a trans woman. My pronouns are she/her. My sanction is Tommy.

"I've been surviving successful this different mentation of coming retired wherever I don't consciousness harmless capable to speech astir it, truthful I conscionable bash it. But I admit that transitioning is beautiful. Why not fto the satellite spot what that looks like?

"So, I kept, connected Instagram, a diaristic clip capsule instead. One that shows a assemblage surviving successful a much fluid space." 

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