Microsoft Surface Pro X Review

Microsoft Surface Pro X Review

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Microsoft Surface Pro X Review

Microsoft Surface Pro X Review. On 2nd October, Microsoft had launched its first ARM-powered 2-in-1 laptop that’s worth purchasing. A completely awesome, good-looking, and feeling Windows tablet, Microsoft Surface Pro is the perfect beast in the department yet. With this, Microsoft has introduced its first Arm technology instead of intel in the digital market. Launched on Wednesday with an initial price of $999, it will be traded in a free matte-black colour and a single 13-inch display size.

The first non-apple laptop with extra customization options, Microsoft Surface Pro offers an anodized aluminum body that feels more resolute and smoother. Here, we review the Microsoft Surface Pro X, so be ready to take the tour of this beast.

Microsoft Surface Pro X design

In terms of design and thickness, Pro X has taken over the Surface Pro. Surface Pro X comes in the measurement of 11.3 x 8.2 x 0.28-inches and scales 774gm (1.7 pounds). Measuring this light of this, it will be comfortable to operate with it. Surface Pro had also rounded corners, but it accentuates the slimming influence more in Pro X. Smaller borders and bezels giving a premium feel in terms of edges. You can get great discount on electronic items online using paytm coupons.

If we talk about the colour option, it comes with the only one that’s a matte black aluminum finish with a black Alcantara fabric Type Cover. Typing keyboard seems bouncier than in previous Surface Pro tablets.

In the form of a Surface Pen, Microsoft provides an extra feature, which is furnishing into an indent on the detachable Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard just beneath the display. To accommodate the caching and charging capacities, it tastes just as delightful and perfect to doodle with. Comes to the screen, Microsoft Surface Pro X offers a unique 2880*1920px resolution in a slightly rare 3:2 aspect ratio. At this ratio, you can hang out with spreadsheets, presentations, and thanks to its Full HD display, which allows seeing high-quality videos and movies. Seeing the display and design, we can say that it’s hard to find the kind of laptop in this budget.

Microsoft Surface Pro X performance and features

As described before, the most prominent feature in this beast is its ARM-based chip segment. You can call it SQ1, 7-watt chipset, which runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC and offers a bit of a custom function. In Microsoft Surface Pro X, it is used to redesign the GPU with Qualcomm, which shifts over two teraflops. But, it yet to see the performance of Arm-based laptop whether it could provide Intel or AMD machines a run for their money.

This ARM processor supports the LTE, so it will not be difficult to connect the device. But, there’s a blessing in disguise, as it doesn’t accompany the Intel Ice Lake processor, so it does support Wi-Fi 6, instead of Wi-Fi 5. For daily users, it would be a cause of anxiety. The most exciting feature in this device is the addition of the first-ever artificial intelligence engine. It is used to edit the live video during webcam calls. Microsoft Surface Pro X offers you two USB-C ports in addition to the exclusive Surface Connect anchorage for connecting to Microsoft’s Surface Dock, which is more than single USB-port on the iPad Pro. And, the feature of the microSD card and 3.5mm headphone jack is also unavailable in the device.

Microsoft Surface Pro storage

Perhaps, Surface Pro X comes with an excellent 8GB of RAM and 128GB of SSD storage, which promises a superb PC and graphics performance. There’s another storage option available on this device. RAM can be extended up to 16GB as the memory goes to 128GB to 256GB. In the Microsoft Surface Pro X, the storage is in the M.2 SSD card, and it can be exchanged by shifting a plate that lies behind the kickstand.

Microsoft Surface Pro X battery performance

As Microsoft stated that Surface Pro X could stand up to 13 hours of battery hours on a single charge. But, running a new ARM processor it seems like a bit low. Saving energy is the prominent task for the ARM processor, then what’s the reason behind this poor battery life. The reason is its SQL1 chipset takes too much energy to provide much better performance. It takes one hour to charge 80% of the battery on fast charging. You can apply for Web Designer Jobs to know about this field.

Microsoft Surface Pro X pricing

You can get this device at the cost of $999, which comes with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of memory. The option of 256GB of storage is also available at the cost of $1299. All the Microsoft Surface Pro X models feature the Microsoft SQL1 chipset. A 16GB RAM and 512GB of storage comes under the premium section. If you select a full load gadget, then it cost you around $1799 as it includes a keyboard costs $140 and Type Cover cost you $145.


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