How to make a Cardboard Guitar

How to make a Cardboard Guitar

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How to make a Cardboard Guitar

How to make a Cardboard Guitar. Cardboard boxes are used to make an array of interesting crafts. Making a cardboard guitar is not only a cost-effective option but it’s the best way to be playful with kids.


Making things for your kids is fun. A homemade guitar is an easy and creative task that helps you to utilize your free time productively. If you search your storeroom you will find an abundance of cardboard boxes lying in a corner. These custom printed cardboard boxes are perfect for making a series of kids’ crafts. A guitar is an interesting option as you can enjoy the sound of basic household items. You need nothing to purchase from the market. Packaging cardboard boxes are the main supply. Cardboard is the best material to make these DIY instruments. This handmade guitar goes above and beyond making real rubber band strings to play. Moreover, the material is sturdy enough to let your guitar play for a long time. Some of the other things required are as follows:

  1. Pencil
  2. Cutter or a Utility Knife
  3. Rubber bands or String
  4. Printer
  5. Paper Clips
  6. Hot Glue
  7. Drill Machine
  8. Markers and Paints for Decoration

Step 1: Start Constructing

How to make a Cardboard Guitar

The main step to start with is drawing the layout of a guitar on three to four pieces of cardboard. For it, you have to collect large size package boxes. If you do not find them at your home, get cardboard boxes cheap from any of the near grocery stores or order online. Cut off their taped ends and convert the boxes wholesale to flat sheets. Use a computer and a printer to print the template of a guitar. Manage its size according to your requirements. Lay the large pieces of custom cardboard boxes on the floor and trace the shape of the guitar by using a pencil.

Step 2: Cut Your Layout

How to make a Cardboard Guitar


Once you are ready with the shape, cut your layout. Use a cutter or a sharp utility knife. As cardboard is hard material so you need to take care while cutting its edges. To get a smooth shape, you may have to make several tries. The process requires more effort if you choose corrugated cardboard boxes.

Step 3: Glue the Pieces Together

How to make a Cardboard Guitar


Use a hot glue gun to glue the two pieces of cardboard together. You may also glue the third one to give it more strength. Let the glue dry. The use of any other adhesive will not give good results so hot glue is the best option to use.

Step 4: Making the Lines

Take a pencil and a utility knife to cut two ¾ inch lines. Put it an inch below the hole. Cut it in a linear pattern. Make sure that you cut exactly below the hole to make a dented crease. Take the pencil and glue on the traced line and press it hard. This will make it firm enough to attach the strings.

Step 5: Drilling and Finishing Up

How to make a Cardboard Guitar


Take a drill machine and drill the pencil holes to pull the rubber bands or strings into the guitar. Take the knife and edge out dents in a glued down the pencil. Knot some of the rubber bands or strings as shown in the image. After gluing all of them together, fit a piece of wood or any other material for support needed to your cardboard guitar.

Step 6: Decorate

How to make a Cardboard Guitar


If you have used cardboard boxes printed, you will do not need anything to work on its exterior. But most of the cardboard packaging boxes wholesale are found in natural brown color. A guitar made from such a cardboard should be decorated in a way to make it fascinating for kids. Use paints, markers, spray paints or other decorations to make it more appealing. You may also use stickers or other printed animations for a beautiful display. Let your kids decorate it in their style. It’s one of the most interesting projects to be made out of cardboard product boxes.


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