Top 5 Fastest Car in the World

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Top 5 Fastest Car in the World

Top 5 Fastest Car in the World. In recent years, high-performance sports cars have been produced that are true hyper cars that compete for the fastest cars in the world . This is because since the invention of the automobile, the man who loves thrill and speed has always had that irrepressible impulse to go beyond all limits. A never-ending vicious circle, which sees man and machine as protagonists on one side and speed on the other , in a challenge that has reached incredible results. Speaking of speed and performing hyper cars , today we will analyze those that are the 5 fastest cars in the world with our order-able ranking!


Top 5 Fastest Car in the World

The Koenigsegg Jesko , presented at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show , wins the leadership in this ranking of the fastest cars in the world thanks to its top speed of almost 500 km / h !
Heir of the Agera RS: it will be the bitter rival of the Bugatti Chiron and has one of the most powerful and technically advanced engines on the planet. The Jesko is a super sports car built in honor of Christian von Koenigsegg’s father and is today the spearhead of the Swedish house

The engine is a stunning 5.0-liter V-8 biturbo engine . But it’s not his power to make a stir. What makes this hypercar special is the way in which the Swedish engineers have developed its engine to be able to comply with the limits on CO2 emissions imposed in all countries of the world.

Hennessey Venom F5 – 480 km / h

Top 5 Fastest Car in the World

With a top speed of 480 km / h , until recently this was the fastest car in the world, but it had to give up its leadership, falling back to second place. However deserved position for the Texan Hennessey Venom F5 that falls in the ranking of the fastest cars in the world .

Top 5 Fastest Car in the World

The Venom F5 under the bonnet mounts an engine that, engineering-wise, is a true work of art. It has a displacement of 7.6 liters and a dual turbine supercharging system. Fueled by petrol, the powerful V8 manages to reach a maximum power of 1,622 hp and 1,760 Nm .

To sustain such high power, the engine block was machined from an aluminum block and has steel cylinder liners: the compression ratio is 9.3: 1 while the limiter is fixed at 7,200 rpm .


Koenigsegg One: 1 – 450 km / h

Top 5 Fastest Car in the World

With an astounding top speed of 450 km / h , the Koenigsegg One: 1 , also a Swedish car, takes third place in the ranking of the 5 fastest cars in the world .

The Koenigsegg One: 1 , a name that derives from its power-to-weight ratio of 1 CV per kg , and not for lack of imagination!

Mastodontic, well placed on the ground and full of aerodynamic appendages even where they would not be needed, the One: 1 is above all damn fast. Under the hood Peeling a V8 engine from 5-liter twin-turbo 1,360 hp !


Koenigsegg Agera RS – 447 km / h

Top 5 Fastest Car in the World

Under the podium we find the Koenigsegg Agera RS that its 447 km / h of V / max guarantees it third place in the standings!

Given its impressive speed, the Agera RS set a new speed record reaching, in October 2017, the 400 km / h only in 36.44 seconds ! This undertaking, which took place in the Nevada desert, was signed by the pilot, and the home’s test pilot, Niklas Lilja .

Under the bonnet the Aegera RS is equipped with a 5.0-liter V8 turbo with 1,160 hp and 1,280 Nm .


Hennessey Venom GT – 443 km / h

Top 5 Fastest Car in the World

The American Hennessey Venom GT , with 443 km / h top speed, gets fifth place in the ranking dedicated to the fastest cars in the world . This version built on the Lotus Exige model , was produced from 2011 to 2017 and only 12 were sold: 6 roadster and 6 coupe versions.

Mounts a V8 engine from 7 liters of LS9 supercharged displacement through 2 turbochargers that ensures, as already mentioned, a V / Max of 443 Km / h . It is offered in three different maximum power levels: 800 hp , 1,000 hp and 1,262 hp at 6,600 rpm . The weight of the car is limited to 1,244 kg . This guarantees the car (in the most powerful version) a power-to-weight ratio of 1.0 kg / hp , an extremely low figure.

In 2013 he set a speed record, taking only 13.63 seconds to reach 300 km / h in acceleration. Stunning result that allowed her to enter this ranking dedicated to the fastest cars in the world .






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