Best areas to stay in Los Angeles

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Best areas to stay in Los Angeles

Best areas to stay in Los Angeles. In recent years, tourism has increased a lot in cities like Los Angeles. To avoid inconvenience, it is extremely important to book accommodation in Los Angeles in advance. Doing it with time is the only way to book at the best price and to find the accommodation that best suits your needs.

Los Angeles is a huge city, so there are many areas and places to stay. To avoid spending hours searching for hotels on booking websites, it is advisable to think carefully about the type of trip you are going to make and the budget you want to allocate to lodging. These are the two most determining factors when deciding the place and the most appropriate type of hotel. Below you will find information on the best areas to stay in Los Angeles according to the type of trip you want to take.


Los Angeles tour is incomplete without visiting the famous Hollywood district. In our view, it is the best area to stay in Los Angeles if you are traveling for the first time or have few days to tour the city. Here you will find some of the most emblematic places in Los Angeles: the Walk of Fame, Grauman Chinese Theater, Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard and Melrose Avenue. It is a perfect area for food lovers and you will find restaurants and all kinds of service.

Best areas to stay in Los Angeles

The entire area of Hollywood is very well connected by public transport, so if you travel without renting a car it will be very practical. As you can imagine it is a fairly tourist area (it is the prettiest area of ​​Los Angeles) although it should not be taken badly: the large influx of visitors make the Hollywood neighborhood a perfectly safe and well guarded place. Staying in Hollywood is ideal for sightseeing in Los Angeles and visiting the most important places of interest without spending much time on journeys. The prices are quite high (it is a phenomenon that affects the entire city) so it is advisable to book in time to ensure the best possible accommodation

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This neighborhood is one of the most exclusive shopping and restaurant districts in Los Angeles. The most famous avenue is Rodeo Drive, where you can find the most luxurious stores in the entire city. Beverly Hills is quite close to Hollywood, so it enjoys the same practicality in terms of travel. It is a very quiet area, also home to some celebrities. As you can imagine, staying here is much more expensive and exclusive than in other parts of Los Angeles. The hotels are elegant, but it is also possible to find rental apartments. Travel with a vehicle, here parking is easier to find, besides it is a very safe area . In conclusion, if your pocket allows it, staying in Belevery Hills is perfect if you enjoy exclusivity and luxury.

Best areas to stay in Los Angeles



The municipality of Santa Monica dominates the Pacific coast and is one of the best places to stay in Los Angeles if you want to enjoy the beach. It is home to many high class families, students, young professionals and surfers. The most notable landmark of Santa Monica is the pier, its beaches, restaurants and coastal shopping centers. It perfectly combines the comfort of a city with the relaxed beach-style atmosphere. For your safety and comfort, it is our best bet for families traveling to Los Angeles with children. In addition to restaurants and shops, here you will find a wide variety of activities for the little ones: the amusement park of the Santa Monica Pier, the beach, the farmers market

Best areas to stay in Los Angeles


The Downtown Los Angeles is the most central district of the city. It is an area that perfectly combines the historical with the modern: skyscrapers, tall buildings, bustling streets and lively shops. Yes, Downtown is one of the most popular areas of Los Angeles. Here you will find tourists and locals alike . This is the financial district, so it is very busy during peak hours and working days . The center also houses the best nightlife in Los Angeles: trendy bars, discos, clubs … If you travel with your group of friends With the intention of enjoying the night , Downtown is one of the best places to stay in Los Angeles to party, drink, dance and have fun all night.

Best areas to stay in Los Angeles

It is not an area as beautiful as Hollywood, however, concentrating the most “business” part of LA is where you will find it easier to find cheap accommodation. It is also a central and super well connected by public transport, which will facilitate you to reach any point of interest you want to visit


Venice Beach is a fun, modern and lively neighborhood located on the Pacific Ocean coast (near Santa Monica). This area is famous for its beaches and its bohemian atmosphere, as it remains the epicenter of the counterculture and hippie life of Los Angeles.

Best areas to stay in Los Angeles

If you are traveling on a limited budget, Venice Beach is the best place to stay in Los Angeles: here there is a greater concentration of hostels, hostels and guest houses. Because of the type of atmosphere that the streets of Venice Beach have, it is a place suitable for groups of friends and young tourists who want to enjoy the beach.


It is one of the most neighborhoods “cool “in Los Angeles. West Hollywood means staying in one of the most fashionable parts of the city known for its high-end boutiques and independent vintage stores. Here, you will also find a wide variety of decoration shops and fabulous art or fitness studios. Its most famous street is the Sunset Strip: without a doubt, a vibrant place and where you will find the most eclectic nightlife in Southern California.

It is also a center for LGBTQ communities, with bars and locals. West Hollywood is built on a grid of wide and lush boulevards that can easily be traveled without getting lost. It is a perfect place to stay if you are looking to enjoy the nightlife of the Strip and Sunset Boulevard. Its location is perfect (very close to Hollywood), so it can be a great bet to stay in Los Angeles if you travel with the intention of sightseeing. West Hollywood occupies a small part near Hollywood, so the offer in accommodation is quite minor.


Koreatown can also be a great place to stay in Los Angeles if you are looking for games and nightlife at a lower price . Yes, here the accommodation is cheaper. It is also a very central and quite safe neighborhood.  Although its name seems to indicate that it is a Korean neighborhood, the fact is that it is actually a multicultural place (with a special character). Koreatown is open 24 hours a day every day of the week: you will find Korean bbq restaurants, karaokes, bars and nightclubs . The area is well connected by the Purple Metro Line, soIf you are going and want to save on accommodation, Koreatown is perfect.

Best areas to stay in Los Angeles


Bordered by Griffith Park to the north and Hollywood to the west, Los Feliz has a cozy hillside , lined with evergreen trees and a unique charm. It is a perfect place if you want to stay in a quiet place without being far from downtown Los Angeles. The red metro line extends to the southern end of Los Feliz, where you can also get on a DASH bus to visit the Griffith Observatory. There are few hotels her, however you can find some apartments. Staying in Los Feliz is perfect if you want to spend the night in a less touristy and quiet place.

Best areas to stay in Los Angeles


This is one of the three closest beach cities to Los Angeles (the other two are Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach). The Redondo Beach is located in what locals know as the South Bay Area . The neighborhood is home to the Redondo Breakwell, a famous surf spot, the most popular sport in the area. With less traffic and crowds (compared to other beaches in the city), this is a perfect place to surf, a romantic getaway with the couple or for a family vacation to enjoy the salt water of the Ocean. King Harbor has the highest concentration of Restaurants, shops and bars in the neighborhood. However, the biggest attraction is the beach and its pier

Where to stay in Los Angeles for a few days?

If you travel to Los Angeles for a weekend or less than 5 days, staying in the Hollywood area or Beverly Hills (next to Hollywood) is the best option. They are well connected places and very close to the main tourist attractions of Los Angeles.

Travel with friends to Los Angeles

If you travel with the intention of enjoying the beaches and nightlife areas, your best option is to book accommodation in the Santa Monica or Venice Beach area. If the party and the nightlife are not your passion and you want to stay in the quietest place in the city, our recommendation is to stay in the Downtown: it will allow you to stay in the nerve center of the city and rest quietly at night.

What is the safest area in Los Angeles?

If you are traveling with the family or just worry about safety, we recommend you stay in Hollywood, which is the most tourist district in Los Angeles and therefore the safest. It also concentrates a greater number of hotels and services for tourists. Hollywood is the best area to stay in Los Angeles.

The most dangerous areas of Los Angeles

Violent crimes remain fairly common in South Central despite the fact that organized gang activity has declined. South Los Angeles is an area that, in general, tourists do not visit (there is nothing to see there), so you should not have any problems.

There are some pickpockets in tourist areas such as Hollywood, Venice Beach and the Santa Monica waterfront. If you travel alone you should also avoid the Downtown area at night (the financial district is a busy place during the day, but at night it is quite bare). Chinatown and Koreatown have a bad reputation, although there are usually no problems, and they are quite safe places.


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