The Best Hong Kong Trip Itinerary

The Best Hong Kong Trip Itinerary

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The Best Hong Kong Trip Itinerary

The Best Hong Kong Trip Itinerary. Are you planning a trip to the “skyscraper city”? Well, you couldn’t have chosen a better time. Between January and November, the weather is nicely dry and mild, excellent for strolling the packed streets or going hiking somewhere in the city’s lovely parks. If you’re short on ideas regarding what to do with your time there, we have plenty of ideas to make the best Hong Kong itinerary:

Day 1: Sampling the culture

Your first stop in Hong Kong can be the Taoist temple of Man Mo. Begin your journey with a shrine session involving watching the faithful light incest as opposed to what they used to do before which is behead a rooster. Once you’re through with that head over to Central Piers nearby and embark on a 10-minute scenic tour of the cityscape aboard the Star Ferry. No need to make reservations early, you can easily get a ticket onsite. That trip will land you in Kowloon, where statues of famous actors like Bruce Lee await in a legendary Hollywood-
esque walk of fame.

Day 2: Shopping in Tsim Sha Tsui

This bustling neighborhood is famous for its bars and restaurants, and while it’s often overlooked because of its simplicity, it’s just the place to be for traditional dishes accented by a dash of modernity. Whether American, French, or Southeast Asian, you can try a whole range of diverse foods and desserts. Later on, head down to Mongkok, and bask in the buzzing shopping streets for a taste of authentic Chinese haggling. While you’re at it, stroll to Tung Choi street for the Ladies Market or buy fresh veggies and exotic ingredients at the Fa Yuen Street market. In the evening, embrace the neon-lit Temple Night Street market before capping off the day with sightseeing at the sk100 observatory!

Day 3: Visiting Lantau Island

For more insight on the native way of life and religious history, jump on a ship to the Buddhist island of Lantau. Here, you can marvel at the Big Buddha that towers 268 stairs above the ground, before scaling cable cars under a blue sky and above romantic viridescent canopies. From there, it’s just a stone’s throw to the fishing village of Tai O where you can see what a day is like in the life of a traditional Japanese fisherman. Wind down in central district in the evening at one of the rooftop bars, before capping the night off with a relaxing Hong Kong massage to soothe the muscles.

Day 4: Exploring central district

From boutique stores to quirky coffee bars and a lot else, ready yourself for a fantastic experience in the central district. Start your journey with an afternoon tea at the ritzy, British-influenced Clipper Lounge, before taking in some refreshing picnicking on the Peak. Once you’ve had enough of the lovely cityscape shining in a warm sunset, make a stop at the Trick Eye Museum for some fascinating optical illusions.

Day 5: Having fun at Disneyland

Let your inner child come out to play, by rounding off your week with some downtime at the Hong Kong Disneyland. Fit for the young and young at heart, relive the joys of your childhood by meeting your favorite cartoon characters, and participating in incredible theme park rides and firework shows! There’s much more to do! Five days in Hong Kong don’t even cover half of its many attractions, but at least you’ll have enough time to blitz through its most famous attractions!

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