Best Ways to Store Cookies in Winter

Best Ways to Store Cookies in Winter

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Best Ways to Store Cookies in Winter

Best Ways to Store Cookies in Winter. A batch of fresh gooey cookies can revive you to the hilt. However, these crispy yet gooey treats tend to get stale and mushy once the jar is opened. In many cases, the cookies need to be bathed and stuffed with chemicals/preservatives to retain its texture, aroma, and even taste. According to experts, right baking and storage techniques can maintain the soft texture and chewiness for long. The best part is that the procedure isn’t too tough.

Here are some expert tips to keep cookies soft:

Zip Top Bag

Cookie experts suggest storing cookies in zip-top bags. This is important to slow down the process of moisture loss.

Layer Them

It helps layering cookies on top of each other. So you can place a piece of plastic wrap between each layer. This is important to prevent them from sticking to one another. Layering chocolate cookies in this way will keep them fresh for long.


Most people are unaware of this trick. The technique will help keep cookies fresh for up to 7 days. You can make these softer whenever you want to eat. All you need to do is stick the cookies in the microwave. Let them in for around 10-15 seconds. Place your favorite eggless cookies in Delhi with a glass of water next to them in microwave.

Freeze Cookies

If you wish to store your cookies for longer term, it is better to freeze them. Simply stick the cookies into freezer and you are sorted.

Parchment Paper

Long term storage will do well if you layer cooled cookies with parchment paper between them. Then wrap the entire layered cookie stack in a plastic wrap. This stack should be stored into an airtight container. The process will keep cookies fresh for long.

Bubble Wrap

Don’t be surprised. Bubble wrap is just not for packing goods! You can use it for packing your favorite chocolate cookies in Delhi. After packing the cookie stack, put them into an airtight container. Now fill extra space in the container with bubble wrap. This will help in reducing airflow. This will also prevent moisture from evaporating. Allow the cookies to stay in room temperature for some time once you wish to eat.

Tender Love Care

Give your cookies some TLC. Chocolate cookies have a tendency to get a little drier. Hence, it is recommended to make them a little softer in the beginning. You can add some protein and flour to integrate little elasticity to the cookies. Apart from this, you need to store them in an airtight container. These should be stored in the container for up to 48 hours. Sticking these into freezer will keep them fresh if you wish to preserve longer. Store brought cookies can be stored in proper air tight container for longer. These containers are easily available online and offline. You can choose one that best fits into your needs.

Buy the Best

Most of the reputed manufacturers of cookies will offer you treats that won’t get stale. Hence, you must focus on buying only from the best manufacturers. Look for popular and reputed manufacturers. Research online and check out testimonials of clients before finalizing on a cookie seller.

In a Nutshell

Winter time is tough. It is not easy to preserve cookies and their original texture during this season. Hence, it is crucial to make some extra efforts. Instead of storing cookies in their original jars (boxes they come in), create your own storage. Following all of the above listed rules will help you to keep chocolate cookies fresh.

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