Important Things about New Drop-ship Business for Leather Wallets

Important Things about New Drop-ship Business for Leather Wallets

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Important Things about New Drop-ship Business for Leather Wallets

Important Things about New Drop-ship Business for Leather Wallets. The use of wallets has been modified from storing cash to holding your debit and credit cards, other important cards, passports, driving license, business cards of the people linked to your business and more. Moreover, women also use their wallets and purses to store mini lipsticks and on-the-go makeup products that they need to freshen up their makeup.

Therefore, there is an increasing demand for bags and wallets all over the world. The varying trends offer new designs and styles of the wallets, while the main purpose behind the purchasing of wallets remains the same. There are people who have sensed this ever-growing demand for wallets that keeps the businessman in profits all the time. The demand does not seem to fade soon. Apart from the manufacturers and buyers, the supply chain has introduced dropshippers as another layer of business involved in supplying the wallets to the retailers or end-users. Many people are dealing with men’s wallets for a dropshipping business. The wallets are exported from quality suppliers and then transported to the buyers.

Understanding the whole process is very important before starting your own dropship business of leather wallets.

Identifying genuine leather wallet

You will find a leather wallet in every other shop. However, the price range helps to determine the quality of the leather. Faux leather is easier to identify as it is not genuine leather. The faux leather does not have the original smell of leather, it also has a different material used inside. The genuine leather is pure leather both from the inside and the outside.

Moreover, the genuine leather wallet can last for a decade is used wisely. It becomes an important part of your life as you keep using your expensive genuine leather wallet for many years.

Purchasing wallets in bulk from China

Many businesses are importing wallets from China. The main reason behind the purchase is that China offers both men as well as women wallets for dropshipping. The suppliers of wallets are also available in the United States, Britain, and some Asian and Western countries. However, the wallet styles and designs offered by Chinese manufacturers are unique and trendy. Moreover, they are not expensive as well.

How many types of wallets are available for purchase?

There are many types of wallets. Some wallets have classic and typical bifold. You can easily place these slimmest wallets in your pockets and get access to your cash and cards in the easiest way by lifting the flap only. Apart from the bifold ones, you can get a trifold, slim, flip, zipper and other creatively designed wallets as well.

The variations of leather wallet

The genuine leather wallets have many variations, even though all the wallets are made from genuine leather. The variations of leather wallet are as under:

1.      Full-grain

The full-grain leather means it is manufactured by using the outermost layer of the skin. This leather can be classified as the most natural leather available in the market as it is not processed. The natural beauty remains intact and it also has all the original markings of the animal hide. The full-grain leather wallets offer durability, strength, reliability and beautiful appearance. It is also considered as a luxury item.

2.      Only top grain

As the name indicates, these leather wallets only have top grained leather. Unlike full-grain, the top grain leather goes through sanding and processing phases due to which they lose their original markings of the hide. However, they offer the same durability and strength. The leather can be modified to look like the skin of different animals, the alligator is one of the most common styles.

3.      The expensive wallets

Unlike full grain and top grain leather wallets, the Napa wallets are the most expensive leather articles available in the market. These wallets are fully grained, but appear soft. Moreover, the wallets are dyed into various colors and added to the high-end products.

Finding leather wallets suppliers

As stated above, the leather wallet suppliers are available in almost every continent. However, businesses prefer buying these products from China. Chinese suppliers offer high-quality products at wholesale prices. You can also find cheap leather purses or similar fashion items from China as well. Most common way to contact a Chinese supplier is through the internet by using the online platforms like AliExpress, Alibaba, and other similar vendors.

Important Things about New Drop-ship Business for Leather Wallets

Many people are aware of these suppliers. Even though they cater to the needs of individual persons as well, however; businesses get exclusive discounts on bulk purchases. They offer genuine leather products as well as wallets made from other fabrics like polyester, viscose, etc.

Identifying good leather wallet

The high-quality leather can be identified based on its elegance. Now that you have details of the types of leather wallets available, you can identify the full-grain leather items as well as top grain wallets before purchasing wholesale leather wallets for dropship. You can also identify the faux leather as it is often coated with chemicals and resins. These resins and chemicals only make the wallet look durable. However, these wallets are not durable at all.  If you look closely, you will find wrinkles on genuine leather. These wrinkles are the small creases made by hand and these cannot be mechanized at all. A good wallet also offers expandability to cater to your needs of storing more cash and other items.

Important Things about New Drop-ship Business for Leather Wallets


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