Most Common Problems Found In Garbage Disposal!

Most Common Problems Found In Garbage Disposal!

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Most Common Problems Found In Garbage Disposal!

Most Common Problems Found In Garbage Disposal! A Garbage disposal can be highly dangerous as there are sharp blades in the garbage disposal that can cut your hands. Garbage disposals are basically made to grind up the food and whenever you feel there is any problem in the functioning of the garbage disposal, you should never fix it with your hands. Always go for hiring garbage repair services for your home appliances living in Maryland. When your garbage disposal stops working, it is suggested by the professionals that you should never put your hands in drain unless you do not unplug the unit or turn off the circuit breaker.

It is the same for other appliances in your home. If you ever face any issue in your home appliances such as dryer you should never start fixing on your own as there are sharp materials in the drain of the dryer. Always looks for dryer repair services to get your dryers to repair so that you do not make further damage in your dryer trying to fix it.

Here is a list of the most common problems that are faced by the people using a garbage disposal in the home.

Garbage disposal stops to turn on

Most of the time, garbage disposal of your home suddenly stops to turn on and usually people flip the switch to try to turn it on but it doesn’t work. The best way to diagnose the actual problem is, you should press the restart button if it is not popped out. But if you see the restart button has popped out you need to press back the button to check if your garbage disposal starts working or not. It might be due to turning off of the circuit breaker so before freaking out, you should check the circuit breaker if it has tripped.

So if you see any changed in your circuit breaker, turn it on and check again at your disposal starts working. Most circuit breakers are short and when you turn on the garbage disposal, it trips the circuit breaker because there are short in the electrical motor of the garbage disposal. This may cause many serious problems if it is not fixed on time. So for this matter, you need to take your garbage disposal out and examine the system thoroughly with the garbage disposal repair services. if your circuit breaker is not tripped and your restart button is on its place, it might be possible that your garbage disposal needs to be replaced.

It stops spinning or causing noise

When there are issues with the home appliances, they start making strange noise which is a serious concern to look on. If your dryer or garbage disposal starts making strange noises after you turn on every time, and it doesn’t spin the material inside it, then it might be possible that power is getting it but it is not responding. In garbage disposal, there may be something that is preventing the blades to spin properly. Your disposal or dryer can be jammed if you hear strange noises in the, you definitely need to call dryer repair services or garbage disposal repair services to get your appliances repaired by professionals.

So, in this case, you need to check out the disposal drain and turn off the circuit breaker to see the issue. After turning off the plug and circuit breaker, try to feel with your hands if there is anything in the drain which is preventing blades to spin. If your drain is clear then it might be possible that the jam is in other places. For this matter, the first thing you can do is loose the fitting of the flywheel to check the hole of the disposal unit if it is making hurdles in the flywheel for moving properly.

Most Common Problems Found In Garbage Disposal!

Disposal stops draining properly

Garbage disposal basically grinds the food into bits and scrap and the drain system sends it out to function properly. But sometimes, due to issues, the drain system slowly drains the garbage out or sometimes it doesn’t drain anything out. When you find such a situation, chances are that there is a clog in the drain system which is causing hurdles for the draining system to send the scrap out of the garbage disposal. So in this case, you should never rush to unscrew your garbage disposal. Take a bucket or any container on the drain system so that it can catch the water that is coming out of the pipe. Remove the drain line to check if there is any clog in the disposal. If you find any, remove the clog first then screw the disposal to join back the drain line. To check if it is working fine, turn on the water and make sure your drain is functioning properly.

Disposal starts stinking

Garbage disposal shoves down all the food scraps the drain so it is obvious if you do not clean it properly it starts stinking like a gutter. Especially when you use foods like onions and garlic, they have strong odors that make your garbage disposal smell really bad. Having a disgusting smell coming out of your garbage disposal can be a really unpleasant experience. But besides that, you can easily fix this issue without the need for appliance repair services in Maryland MD. you can simply wash your drain using your favorite detergent and brushing your disposal drain so that smell goes away from your disposal.

If it doesn’t work, you can take another step that is, take few slices of lemons and put them into the drain and grind them so that they can wash away all strong elements from your drain that cause a disgusting smell.

Leakage in disposal drain

Whenever you feel there is an excess of wetness under the sink of your kitchen, it simply means that there is a leakage in your garbage disposal. The easiest way to find out the exact spot of leaking in a garbage disposal is, use food dye. You should first turn off the plug and put a container at the drain so that you can catch the water. You need to put a stopper in the drain so that you can fill up the sink. Now slowly add a few drops of food dye in the water and check the main places which are located above the leaks and you will find the leakage spot. Or if it doesn’t work you should call appliance repair services to get your disposal leak fixed.

Most Common Problems Found In Garbage Disposal!


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