Plastic vs. Isolation Laboratory Glove boxes

Plastic vs. Isolation Laboratory Glove boxes

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Plastic vs. Isolation Laboratory Glove boxes

What are plastic laboratory glove boxes?

Plastic vs. Isolation Laboratory Glove boxes. Glove boxes are famous laboratory equipment of the lab and without it, we can’t think of safe experiment and it’s used for many applications. You can’t ignore glove boxes when it comes to the safety of the users.

The users or workers used it before working on lab. These gloves save you from sudden incidents, it’s comfortable to wear and feels you secure and if you won’t wear it during experimenting then you are responsible to harm yourself.

Plastic laboratory glove boxes are the only reliable glove that contains different materials with qualities and secure you from all the hazardous acids and you can easily handle it.

You must buy the good plastic laboratory glove boxes and also follows the rules before using the gloves so that you can do work freely and without hurting yourself and the environment.

What are isolation laboratory glove boxes?

Glove boxes are safe for the laboratory personnel and it also helps to keep the environment secure from hazardous experiments. Isolation glove boxes another name is nitrogen glove boxes which help to prevent the environment from the harmful gases and balance it during performing tasks.

These plastic gloves assist the lab users to do work with efficiency where they are demanded to touch the sample physically, also provides you accuracy in experiments. Polypropylene is an excellent material and used for chemical hostile. Acrylic is easily damaged by various chemicals or alcohol and PVC glove boxes help to keep the environment clean and free.

What is Plastic vs. Isolation Laboratory Glove boxes?

Let’s talk about the similarities of both glove boxes.


A glove box helps to make the environment clean and harmless. Special gloves are developed into the glove box so that that the lab personnel can put his or her hands into the gloves and function the tasks inside the box without getting harm.

Similar to glove boxes, the glove box isolator allows a separate environment with progression in work.

Let’s see the distinction between them.


  • Shielded Glove Box Isolators

These isolators are made to permit a person to work with dangerous or toxic substances, such as radioactive materials which can affect in return. They are used in nuclear medicine portfolios in hospitals and laboratories.

  • Sterile Glove Box Isolators

Sterile gloves box isolators are developed for the affirmation of toxic substances, pharmaceuticals or infectious disease agents. These are used in hospitals and laboratories also for purposes.

  • Inert Atmosphere Glove Box Isolators

This type of isolator enables the things that must be put inside a special purity inert atmosphere, such as argon or nitrogen and many recent research disciplines are air-sensitive and need this kind of isolator instead of a simple glove box to give a balance inert atmosphere.

  • Isolators work more than simple glove boxes.

Glove box isolators are made up of stainless steel and provide transparent clean acrylic parts that are replaced with tempered glass or other materials that give a higher degree of operator protection.


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