5 Fields where Hadoop Skills are Most Needed in an Organization

5 Fields where Hadoop Skills are Most Needed in an Organization

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5 Fields where Hadoop Skills are Most Needed in an Organization

5 Fields where Hadoop Skills are Most Needed in an Organization. A Hadoop Developer is responsible for the actual coding or programming of Hadoop applications. This role is similar to that of a Software Developer. The job role is pretty much the same, but the former is a part of the Big Data domain. Looking at some of the responsibilities of a Hadoop developer and gain an understanding of what this job title is all about. These are the top 5 departments of an organization where you can see high demand for Big Data and Hadoop professionals:

Human Resource

Big data implementation comes in this department. The HR department is an organization’s success, so it will no longer be ignored in the context of Big Data! A large company has more than ten different HR applications, and its core HR system is over six years old. Big Data brings skills such as skilled professional data analysis to strategic analytics. You can get a great job with Corporate Training Programs.

Support and Customer Service

The success of any product or service is based on the customer service department of the organization after the sale. Customer service teams need to be proficient with Big Data tools so that they can analyze their issues effectively. Thus deliverance from a customer-oriented approach is critical to organizational success.

IT Industry

In any IT team, there is a need for a versatile mix of members, with different tasks towards significant data implementation. According to the 2018 McKinsey report, Big Data will lack more than 140,000–190,0000 professionals with deep technical and analytical expertise.


Marketing also has a different and vital role. Data metrics help to obtain large chunks of data at every point of customer interaction, social media, and sales. Training in Big Data plays an essential role here as platforms like Hadoop help fulfill the objective.


The most significant responsibility of the finance department is to handle money. In addition to functions such as accounting and controlling, a finance role expands to various other activities such as cash flow statements, prize realization, and compliance, to name a few. Understanding the financial ratio requires information while simplifying the work of the Finance Department.


Hadoop’s role is to identify and train professionals who are in constant contact with data. Big data training can take organizations to the next level! Let your employees learn these skills with the Big Data and Hadoop Certification Program by Learnoa. You can get a great job with corporate training programs. You can get a good grip with Corporate Training Programs. The certification program will give you a stronghold on the Big Data and Hadoop platforms.


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