Best Massages In The World

Best Massages In The World

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Best Massages In The World

Best Massages In The World. There’s nothing better than enduring a stressful week at work only to come home late on a Friday and have a professionally done massage. Massages can quite literally take the physical and mental stress out of your body. With that being said, in this article I will list the three best massages in the world, each one will be followed by a brief description. Let’s get into this.The

  • Hong Kong massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Deep tissue massage

Best Massages In The World

The Hong Kong massage –

This style of massage involves the masseur covering the entirety of the customers back in essential oils. After this is done, the masseur will then step onto the customers back whilst holding on to rails, this is to ensure balance and equal pressure on both feet. The masseur will then walk up and down the back of the individual receiving the massage.

This movement not only helps to promote better back posture, but it also helps speed up the body’s metabolism and aids in the building of a slimmer stronger body. The people of Hong Kong believe this massage to have some uniquely profound effects such as – the clearing of ones mind and soul, the bringing together of loved ones and friends and a reduction in worry and stress.
Hong Kong massage is widely regarded as one of the healthiest and best massages you can get so definitely try it out.

Best Massages In The World

Swedish massage –

This massage therapy is known and practised all over the world and for good reason. This massage is more of a treatment massage as opposed to many others. This is recommended for those with achy joints and chronic body pain. The Swedish massage can be found in many massage parlours all over the world as it’s a very common practise.

This form of massage entails the use of several different essential oils and is primarily made up of numerous different hand movements. These hand movements include techniques known as effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement and vibration. Each movement are associated with their own unique benefits and specific movements will be prioritised depending on the issue you need fixing.

Best Massages In The World

Deep tissue massage –

The deep tissue massage is very similar to the Swedish massage in the sense that they both target the body parts that need it. On the other hand the deep tissue is a much more fierce massage than the Swedish and is typically applied to target tight or knotted muscles, sore or achy joints and sports injuries.
The deep tissue massage usually involves deep muscular strokes and circular motioned movements. These movements are designed to try and relieve the customer of his/her pain, these movements are also done in an effort the fix the issue entirely. Oil is always applied to intense massages such as these so the friction will not cause the customer pain.

Conclusion –

Now, while there are many different massages to choose from, these are the most effective and well known out there. The massage you choose to go with should depend on your reason for doing so in the first place as they are all designed to effectively fix specific types of issues, whether it’s physical or mental. If any of your issues align with the purpose of the massages above, you should absolutely consider getting one professionally done as there are a long list of benefits from these treatments.

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