5 simple ways to avoid sitting too much

How to stay fit and healthy: 5 simple ways to avoid sitting too much

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How to stay fit and healthy: 5 simple ways to avoid sitting too much

How to stay fit and healthy: 5 simple ways to avoid sitting too much. Sitting for a long time can increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and death-as revealed in a scientific study. Scientists at the University of Leicester and Lough borough University, UK, said the risk remained high even after they compensate with exercise.

A study by the University of Leicester, published in the journal Diabetologia indicates that sitting duration can increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and early death. Why? Sitting too long increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease twice as large. In fact, this risk remains high even though someone stays active sports.

A report published in the medical journal Diabetologia analyzed 18 studies involving nearly 800,000 people. According to the studies conducted, opportunities for sedentary lifestyle or sitting without doing a physical activity, such as watching TV, sitting in the car, or using a computer are difficult to avoid these days. Therefore, many people are trying to find a balance with exercise in physical fitness centres. The research team-which is chaired Dr Emma Wilmot from the University of Leicester said exercising in fitness sports centre or swimming pool after work is better than sitting back on the couch. He added that sitting still in a long period is bad for human health.

There is no firm limit

Meanwhile, the organization which advocates diabetes in the UK, asserts that every person who sits for a long time obviously would benefit if they can move more. However, the researchers could not definitively give a firm time limit on how long sitting activity can adversely affect humans. The study reviewed a variety of measurement, for example from sitting around 14 hours a week while watching TV, for more than eight hours a day, and sitting less than three hours a day. What is clear in this study is that those who sit for longer have higher risk for diabetes, heart disease and death than those who sit less.

Another study published in the journal of Medicine & Science in Sport & Exercise showed that the two habits that we often do now, such as sitting behind the steering wheel and in front of the television, are an important predictor of death from heart disease. According to the study, those who sit for more than 23 hours a week had a 63 percent risk of death due to cardiac arrest, higher than those who sit less than 11 hours. A study of more than 17,000 residents of Canada found that the risk of death in the earlier group was one and a half times greater than the second group.

The current invention of technology makes us more spoiled. Our legs have function to move but we use them relatively less now. Most of the time, we sit in a chair with a variety of activities. To make matters worse, the majority of people’s jobs are also demanding them to sit on a chair. At home, the temptation to watch TV is also very strong. So, what can we do? In order to minimize the risks of those diseases, the answer is easy and simple: stand up!

Some experts advocate that every 20-30 minutes after you sit down, you need to stand up. There is also another recommendation to stand up at least every hour. Light exercise, stretching, or brief meditation while standing are also highly recommended.

A researcher from the University of Loughborough, Professor Stuart Biddle, said that although a lot of activities in the modern era seem to be done in a sitting position, this obviously could be reduced. For example, he said, “We could have meetings while standing, walk during the lunch break, or reduce watching TV at night to minimise sitting duration.” Therefore, to trigger more often so that people can stand, 5 simple ways below hopefully can help:

  1. Try to change your habit of calling from sitting to standing, even walking. You can walk around the table or around the workspace.
  2. Place the phone work, which is normally on your table, now in a separate table, preferably a bit far from your reach.
  3. If you need something from your colleagues, try to come to their place.
  4. Move drinks or snacks which are usually placed at the top of your desk to another place. So, when you want a drink or a snack, you should be get up and walk.
  5. Meet your guests in a different room, not in front of your desk. Do not hesitate to frequently open the door for your guests.

In short, sitting too long was not healthy. Some diseases are looming if we ignore the 5 simple ways above. Therefore, be smart to anticipate and look for more opportunities to stand up, away from your seat.


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