Gated & private communities: Common features differences & benefits

Gated & private communities: Common features differences & Benefits

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Gated & private communities: Common features differences & benefits

Gated & private communities: Common features differences & benefits. Both gated and private communities are unique from other particular subdivisions or master-planned developments due to the element of isolation from rest of the surrounding. General public is prohibited from using the resources within community developments without consent of the property owners or the real estate company in Dubai.

Community living for both private and gated setting have association fees covering maintenance of the common areas and all other constructs under the umbrella of association control. Gated communities can reside within the private development through barricading a separate subdivision within the overall construction plan. It can be achieved by installation of a functional gate or a guard house to restrict access.


Private and gated communities are measured through the element of isolation, however, gated setting is achieved by introducing a fence and barriers at the entrance. Advance developments also feature electronic gates with bio-scanners, electronic cards of the residents or a numeric code to allow entrance. A voice identifying system or simple phone extension connects with the respective residents so as to allow visitors convenient entrée.


Almost all types of residential communities can be considered gated or private, even without installation of gates and barriers for the element of isolation. Single-family subdivisions, master developments, attached communities with condominiums, townhouses, apartments and mobile home communities can deploy gates to restrict unwanted access to the setting.

Private communities can also be labelled as age-qualified only if more or less 80-percent of the total residents are above the age of 55 years. Such communities have predefined rules that restrictg the number of visitors at a particular time to maintain ultimate peace and solitude for the elderly.


At times, gated communities have strict regulations not to receive visitors or home service providers. So, everyone will require a gate card or desired code to enter. Whereas in private developments, visitors can drive directly to their desired home!

Monthly association fee in gated communities is typically higher including expenses of operating and maintenance of the gate/entrance system. Living in gated setting sometimes affects entrance if there’s a power outage or malfunction of the system.

Homebuyers usually take extra precautions to ensure protection of their purchases. Per se, some of the buyers may delve on whether purchasing properties in gated communities would yield better return on investment rather than buying in non-gated subdivisions.

Although, there’re restrictions associated with gated community living, it does have many other benefits such as additional security, constant maintenance and renovation of the property which truly boost its value over time.

All the cities around the world of any size have specific zoning ordinances and planning departments. As a matter of fact, zoning is truly essential for effective planning of the city’s overall infrastructure. It must be noted that design planning and preferences are directly associated to changes in the culture and technology over time hence managed accordingly. For instance, the coming of automobile changed urban landscapes from closely clusters to the modern suburbia thereby creating an urban stretch!


Living in gated setting significantly reduces crime but, a prowler may follow residents to their restricted community in a vehicle unknowingly. Although gates have sensors to remain open properly when the code is punched, they can be closed quickly thereby trapping the perpetrator within the boundary hence can be caught immediately.

The biggest benefit of gated communities over private is the significant reduction of street traffic allowing residents to conveniently move especially in emergency situations. Peace and solitude is maintained to its fullest in a community setting as compared to open neighbourhoods since they can accumulate unnecessary traffic which also contributes to the noise pollution.

High property value

Developments within a gated community mostly feature high-end designs and premium quality construction material which eventually raise property value irrespective of the economy. A real estate research also concluded that houses within a community setting have better chance to remain steady and preserve their value even during market fluctuations.


The trend of community development in real estate is rising and more emphasis is being given since the coming of the millennial.


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