4 Painting Mistakes You Should Avoid

4 Painting Mistakes You Should Avoid

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4 Painting Mistakes You Should Avoid.

4 Painting Mistakes You Should Avoid. Anyone can paint their home, it’s just you need a proper preparation and some understanding on what mistakes you need to avoid while painting yourself.

If you have decided to paint your own home, congrats! Painting your own home could be really exciting and interesting too. Everyone wants to decorate their own home with their hands. This gives them a feeling of peacefulness and utter sense of contentment. No matter how excited you are for this painting but there are certain things to keep in mind while you attempt it all by yourself.

Choosing low quality paint will destroy your home forever. Maybe you have decided to paint your own house just to avoid the cost of hiring London Painters & Decorators but a slight mistake will pay you more. Hence, this isn’t a job that anyone can do without having knowledge. You must have a thorough learning on how you are stepping forward to make your house look good with the choice of your painting.

Choosing the color of the paint is not different but to have it on your walls and deciding how to begin, that’s the real challenge and everyone do fail. Painting your property could be the best decision you have ever made as it will not only give you a relief to yourself but makes your home as your home (cause you have painted it with love).

It’s a combined feeling that takes place when you put a little bit of an effort on painting your own house. You need to be organised before starting up with the work. This task will take a lot of time so be prepared to give time on doing it. Set up a table right near you and lay down every tools and equipment you will be using for the painting. The best way of doing this is to make a note of everything that will be needed for the painting.

If you want to start like a professional, you need to act like a professional. If you think that painting is all about paints and a brush then you are going to mess up everything later. A professional job that needs to be done in a clean and correctly prepared manner. To learn these skills need not have to be defined with a degree.

That’s why we are here! In this post, you will learn about some of the basic mistakes you do while renovating your home. A flawless work will only come out if you know the flaws. Without knowing where you are making mistakes, you will never understand the actual fact.

Let’s begin with our No.1 mistake:

1. Painting your house without a proper color sample

 Choosing a color for your room is very easy. You might like a color seeing from Google’s search list by typing in the modern colors for room. However, we may not be sure how the color looks like on the wall. Every color that you see online might be very different when applied on the wall. The change of the color depends on a lot of factors, one of the factors is the light of your room. Not every room gets the same amount of natural light.

The location matters when it comes to picking a color for your room. If the room is too dark, the dark color will destroy the natural beam of your room. This way, you would never get in touch with the actual sunlight as the colors will dim them more. Color is the most vital part in painting and it should not be taken so casually. The only way to make your room shine is to get a color sample and try it on your room. These samples will help in understanding about the color combination as per the natural light you have in that particular room.

 2. Not cleaning the walls

 Before you start painting, you must have to cover up your belongings or else you will have to throw them if some paint drips on them. Preparing before you start painting is very important as it will avoid not only the paint drips but the dust that comes with the hassle of painting. Make sure you have covered and wrapped all your floors, furniture, door knobs and switch boards. Doing this will help in keeping everything in a neat and clean position even after you are done with the painting work.

All you have to do then is to unwrap the belongings and positioned them as you want. There won’t be any mental strain for removing paints from the furniture or any other items that would be hard to clean. Other than this, people often ignore cleaning the walls before they start painting. Your walls are equally dirty just like any other corner of your room. Cleaning them will help in smoothing the paint on your wall that will look flawless. You might have invisible hair particles hanging on the wall that will peep through if you would have painted over it. Just clean them with a rag or warm water and you will be fine.

3. Choosing from the best quality paints and equipment’s

 Paints come in many types and formulas and choosing from the best one is hard to get. You may seem no difference from low quality paint to top quality paint when you buy from a store. But once you bring them to your home and start painting the walls, you will be sure to notice the texture. Some formulas contain an oil based agent that smoothness the wall and give it a professional look. The formulas are the only thing of a paint that will make your house look good or bad.

If you can’t distinguish between a good and a bad quality, you can take help from a painting and decorating service. They can guide you throughout your journey of choosing and highlighting some key features that will suit the type of room you have. The same thing goes with the brush as well.

When we are talking about the paint, no doubt you must buy the good quality ones. But if your brush contains low quality material, you may find your good quality paint of no use. The bristles of the brush will make sure that you have a phenomenous coat on your wall. Prefer buying only the quality synthetic bristle brush of 20 inch. When you hire Paint Works London for this job, they are known to only use the quality paint brushes.

4. Avoiding primer

 Primer should be your first priority before anything else. Paint alone won’t make your walls look like a professional artwork. You must prime your wall before starting with the painting work. What primer does is, it hides away all the blemishes and make your wall super smooth to blend the paint in it. It also helps to enhance the color of your painting and give your wall that extra charismatic appeal.


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