6 Tips To Make Your Modular Exhibition Stand Lightweight

6 Tips To Make Your Modular Exhibition Stand Lightweight

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6 Tips To Make Your Modular Exhibition Stand Lightweight

6 Tips To Make Your Modular Exhibition Stand Lightweight. As the cost of transportation and drayage is increasing day by day, therefore, all exhibitors must think about the creative way to make their exhibition stand light in weight. The lightweight and reusable material for the construction of a modular exhibition stand will not just reduce the expenditure. But, it will also help you to go green.

You should take the help of an experienced exhibition stand builder that can help you to reduce the cost of construction and make your exhibition stand lightweight. Also, it is important to choose the right material so that your trade booth can stand out.

It is important to make your booth attractive; otherwise, you will fail to catch the attention of targeted customers.

Here, in this article, we will share out of the unique ideas to make your booth light-weight and attractive as well during the expo:

  1. Create Eye-Catching Fabric

You can display a unique structure of your booth with the help of stretchable and colorful fabric. Eye-catching fabrics on the walls of the booth can easily attract the trade show attendees. Using fabrics is a unique idea and it will also significantly reduce the weight of your modular exhibition stand.

You can reduce your transportation expenditure as you have a lightweight trade booth. The fabric display also lets you install a different kind of lighting fixture as the fabric does not reflect light & does not create glare.

This unique shapes exhibition stand will form an inviting space for trade show attendees. So, tell your exhibition stand designers to incorporate eye-catching graphics to build attractive and lightweight booth.

  1. Build Creative Walls

Trade show attendees are fed up with stereotypical display walls of the exhibition stand. They are looking out for something new. If you are from the food industry, then there is an opportunity to build a wall of fresh produce and plants. You can also create a wall of your packaged food items.

This wall will not just light in weight but also help to promote your brand differently. If you are not from the food industry, then you can create a wall of outdoor plants. The green plants will help you to show your potential customers that you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint.

  1. Use Paper For Your Booth Decor

You can use paper for decoration of your modular exhibition stand. Decorative elements made up of paper will not just make your booth lightweight but also make your booth look soft. These unique decorative elements spread happy vibes all around.

Thus, it is one of the best ways to make your exhibition stand lightweight & creative. For creative ideas, you should hire the best contractors such as exhibition stand builders in the UK.

  1. Aluminum Stand For Booth Construction

You should use aluminum for building your modular exhibition stand display. The aluminum is lightweight, sturdy and reusable elements. You can use aluminum to construct modular exhibition stand poles and walls. As aluminum is reusable, therefore, you can easily use them in the next expo.

The modular trade booths are easy to transport because they are light in weight. So, you can reduce expenditure on transportation. By investing in an aluminum-based modular exhibition stand you can save money in the long run. The aluminum stand can be used enormous times.

  1. Introduce Light Wight Oversized Product

All exhibitors in a trade show are selling their products or service. If you are selling your unique products, then you can introduce one lightweight oversized product in your trade booth. You can use lightweight boxes to build an oversized product in your exhibition.

This big size product display will bring a touch of nostalgia among your potential customers. This idea will be appreciated by all the trade show attendees. Also, this simple and cost-efficient will help to increase booth visitors and earn high profits.

  1. Bring On 90’s Inflatables

The inflatable furniture is one the unique and the best ideas to make your modular exhibition stand lightweight such as the exhibition stands the UK. You should not just be limited up to the trade booth wall, flooring of trade booth also includes in its weight.

Incorporating lightweight inflatable furniture instead of wooden furniture will help in easy transportation and easy installation. You booth visitors will like to have the conversation of relaxing inflatable furniture.

The inflatables are not just restricted up to the sitting space. Various other structures inside your booth can be made up of this kind of material. For instance, tables, separating walls, ottomans, etc. You can ask your booth designer where and how to add the inflatable in your booth.

Final Words

The above-mentioned ideas are simple and out of the box to make your modular exhibition stand light in weight and attractive as well. You can implement these ideas and reduce expenditure on transportation. Also, a lightweight booth reduces your hassle while installation and dismantling at the event.


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