7 Different Methods To Improve Skincare Penetration

7 Different Methods To Improve Skincare Penetration

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7 Different Methods To Improve Skincare Penetration

7 Different Methods To Improve Skincare Penetration. Do you know how much your skincare products are effective on your skin? Your face serums and moisturizer must go deep inside your skin layers to give you the best results. We already know that 100% of the product does not get absorbed by our skin because we see the layer of liquid on our skin after applying the skin care product. You should choose those skincare products that can be easily absorbed by skin such as CBD serum.

7 Different Methods To Improve Skincare Penetration

It is important that your skin absorbs the maximum amount of your skincare product so that it can be processed efficiently. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various points that will help you to ensure that you will get the most of your skincare: 

  1. Exfoliate Your Skin 

This process will help in removing the dead skin cells that accumulate on the topmost layer of your skin. Skin exfoliation will help to take out fresh skin layers that will promote the absorption of skincare products. The dead skin cells from the barrier on your healthy skin and do not let your skin completely absorb skincare products. With skin exfoliation, you can easily remove this blocking layer and let your face serum and moisturizer absorb completely. Your skincare products such as the best CBD skin care serum can penetrate deep after exfoliation.  

You should use a powerful & gentle exfoliator that contains optimum ingredients to remove dull layers. Good exfoliator also provides optimum nutrients to your skin. You should not exfoliate every day as it may harm your skin. Once a week skin exfoliation is enough. 

If you are suffering from acne, then exfoliation may aggravate your condition. Therefore, you should avoid it as much as possible. If you still want to exfoliate, then you should use a very soft and gentle exfoliator.

  1. Use Face Serums 

Usually, we apply moisturizers immediately after stepping out of the shower. Applying moisturizer will immediately transform your dry skin in smooth and clear. Our skin is highly absorbant when it is damp. Therefore, the dermatologist suggests applying your skincare solution immediately after taking a shower. You should also apply face serums with the moisturizer immediately after taking a shower. The face serum is highly absorbent and can easily penetrate deep layers of skin to make it look clean and smoother. 

  1. Properly Layer Your Skincare Products 

The skin care products with active ingredients such as CBD soothing serum, vitamin E based products, etc. can easily penetrate your skin. The small size molecules can easily go indie deep layers of skin and eventually, it will add into your blood circulation. On the other hand, some skincare products contain heavy molecule skincare ingredients. These ingredients are not capable to penetrate deep inside your skin layers. Thus, they form a barrier layer over your skin. 

In case you are applying different skincare products, one with ingredients that have small molecule size and other with ingredients that have large molecule size, then you should layer them properly. You should never apply the skin care product with ingredients that have a large molecular size first. This will form a barrier layer that will not let other skincare products to penetrate deep inside your skin layers. Thus, you should form a proper layer of skincare products.  

  1. Use Steam To Open Skin Pores 

You should steam your face because it will help to unplug your skin pores. When you use steam, then it will make your skin humid and also increase the temperatures that help in absorbing skincare products efficiently.  Therefore, all beauticians often use steam or hot towel before starting facial. 

  1. Choose Good Skincare Products 

You must choose only good skincare products that can go deep inside your skin layers. These skin care products can help in delivering maximum benefits to your skin. The CBD face serum can help in keeping your skin hydrated, unplug skin pores, restore youthful skin in a few days. The CBD serum also helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles on your face. 

  1. Include A Dermaroller

The derma roller is a kind of handheld tool specially designed for skin health. The derma roller has a cylindrical attachment and it contains small needles around the surface. You have to roll this derma roller on your skin. This will help in increasing the production of collagen. The collagen is an essential protein in our skin that helps in retaining elasticity and bounciness in your skin. According to some studies, the use of derma rollers also improves skin absorption. Thus, if you apply any skincare product after rolling the derma roller, then that product will be efficiently absorbed by your skin. 

  1. Apply All Over You Face

You should apply all the skincare products in your face. For instance, if you are using the CBD oil for wrinkles, then apply it on your whole face rather than restricting it on the forehead. This will increase the absorption surface and deliver maximum benefits. 


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