7 Reasons why the South Indian Movie Industry is Growing

7 Reasons why the South Indian Movie Industry is Growing

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7 Reasons why the South Indian Movie Industry is Growing

7 Reasons why the South Indian Movie Industry is Growing. The Indian film industry is one of the largest film industries worldwide. It exists more than 100 years and made tremendous records along the way. In the film industry so many awards available for those who serve best in the industry.

These tremendous awards and high production rates are not just because of Bollywood. There are numerous other regional film industries that are also responsible for this world record. Some of these regional film industry names are-Tollywood (Telugu and Bengali), Kollywood(Tamil), Bhojiwood, Pahariwood, Pollywood(Punjabi), Hollywood(Gujrati), sandalwood(Kannada), Mollywood(Malayalam), Hollywood(Odia), deccanwood (Hyderabad and Telangana).

South Indian movie industry is the second largest industry in Indian cinema. Hence, now to reach out to a larger audience, most of the movies are being dubbed in Hindi. Here you can check the best South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi list 2019. South Indian films are in 4 languages Tamil, Telugu Kannada and Malayalam. Now lets we rate discuss what is the reasons why the south Indian movie industry is growing-

  • The Tamil cinema is growing strength to strength. South Indian never gave space to Bollywood. Other regional cinema industry gave proper and continuous space to Bollywood. That is also the main reason the Tamil cinema industry is growing day by day.
  • The Tamil cinema industry produces 250 movies per year. Tamil industry released many box office successful movies. Many south Indian movies collected more than 100 crores. Tamil movies have higher success and occupancy rates than Bollywood. South region has the highest penetration of TV networks maintains the leadership position than all the India average. That is the main reason that is higher advertisement rate because south Indian movies are increasingly appreciated by a PAN-India audience.
  • South Indian movie industry is growing because it is highly stylized in action, music, dance, and nature, of the spectacle is one which could attract the people. Their actions scenes are larger than life and some other industries are also copy those scenes.
  • In south Indian movies has a strong Indian tradition of narrating mythology, history, fairy tales put a strong impact on the viewers’ mind. That is also the reason viewers like south Indian movies and watch more than any other cinema industry. Nowadays Bollywood also remakes south Indian movies in Bollywood because of good stories and characters for example -Baahubali.
  • Tamil cinema has its own standards and identity. It has a class of their own and Bollywood always except the Tamil cinema. Tamil cinema has good musicians, actors, directors, producers, choreographers, cameraman, and stunt masters because of this reason industry is also growing day by day.
  • Due to the success rate of Tamil movies Bollywood superstar also acts in Tamil movies because of Tamil’s audience really crazy for Tamil industry movies. Those movies have fewer takers which are dubbed in Tamil.
  • Tamil industry has an international market in spite of lack of patronage from the government of India, which props up Bollywood films through forums like international film festival of India.

Do you think there are any other reasons which we missed out on? Feel free to let us know in the comments sections.!


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