7 Simple Healthy Weight Loss Tips: Shift Your Mindset

7 Simple Healthy Weight Loss Tips: Shift Your Mindset

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7 Simple Healthy Weight Loss Tips: Shift Your Mindset


7 Simple Healthy Weight Loss Tips: Shift Your Mindset. In simplistic terms weight loss is a matter of burning up more calories than those gained from food. You and I both know that. But why is it that a lot of people struggle with their weight? Some people shed the pounds only to regain them, whilst others try to lose far too much weight, too soon. I believe that the answer lies in their mindset. If people changed their attitude towards food and eating, they’d realize just how simple this really is, especially if it involves the whole family. If people change their perception of food natural weight loss and management wouldn’t be such a challenge and childhood obesity wouldn’t be the problem it is now.

People need to take the initiative and learn about healthy eating and balanced diets before they can have any chance of conquering the bulge. It is a matter of making decisions and sticking with them. Don’t wait for a bad diagnosis to force you into embarking on a healthy eating lifestyle. You can start now. Make gradual, but permanent changes, and your willpower and mental strength will improve, the longer you persevere. Don’t despair, you can lose weight safely and keep it off permanently by making a few attitudes changes towards food and healthy eating habits. The 7 healthy weight loss tips below may not be the be all end all, but they are a good start. What have you to lose (besides the weight, obviously)?

Tip #1. Set Healthy and Sustainable Targets

You need to know how much weight you need to lose, usually based on your body mass index, aiming to lose about 1 – 2 lb per week. This is achievable without subjecting your body to unnecessary stress or shocking your system. Weight loss, just like change, does not happen in a day but happens daily. A lot of people fail because they expect too much too soon.

 Tip #2. Eat To Live, Don’t Live To Eat

Change the way you think about food. Food is for sustenance and nourishing the body. Some people just love eating and would probably eat in their sleep, if they could. Start developing healthy eating habits. You need to make a decision to eat for the right reasons, not just for fun. Eating contests, what’s that all about?

Tip #3. Appropriate Food For The Occasion

Food provides us with nutrients and energy for survival and any surplus is stored as fat, which is how weight is gained. If your day consists of seating at your desk, in front of the computer, or just sitting at home watching TV, why would you eat like a bodybuilder? If you overeat and then not burn off the excess energy then you don’t have any option but to get fat. Try eating high energy foods in preparation for strenuous activities, and filling but low energy foods for lazy days.

Tip #4. Make Food Work for You

Recognize that not all foods are the same and make a decision to choose your diet wisely. Foods with low glycemic indices (GI) don’t necessarily have fewer calories than those with high GI. Another thing you need to factor in is the fat content of food, as fat is highly calorigenic. Choosing more negative calorie foods will give you the nutrients you need without the excess energy.

Tip #5. Prepare Your Own Meals

When you prepare your own meals you can make them as balanced as you need them to be. You also get to control the amount of sugar, fats, and salt. You get the chance to use fresh ingredients or to use healthier alternatives e.g. low- fat yogurts. If you have children in the household this instills healthy eating habits in them and helps combat the problem of obesity in children.

Tip #6. Beware Of Alcohol

Alcohol contains a lot of calories, and these in addition to the energy you get from your diet could be the difference between weight loss and weight gain. Ever wondered why people who drink a lot almost always have potbellies? Remember, belly fat is probably the hardest to shift.

Tip #7. Healthy Snacking

Snacking is not necessarily bad. One could use snacking to stop one from having large meals which may provide one with too many calories. Swap unhealthy snacks for healthy fruits and vegetable ones. Some mothers struggle with their weight because they unnecessarily snack on their babies’ leftover meals. Remember the idea is to lose weight. After all, if the baby is not finishing their food could it be that the portions are too big for them? Babies need to be well-fed, but over-feeding them could lead to overweight children.

I believe that the 7 tips above are achievable and can produce permanent and natural weight loss. I’m not saying it’s easy. It demands dedication and perseverance, for one to lose weight safely and keep it off permanently. As a thank you for visiting my blog, I’m giving you an extra tip. Exercise is paramount to healthy weight loss and keeping fit, as well as for well-toned muscles. I’m sure you can search the internet and find plenty of good useful resources to help you with exercising.


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