8 Reasons to visit Leh Ladakh

8 Reasons to visit Leh Ladakh

8 Reasons to visit Leh Ladakh

8 Reasons to visit Leh Ladakh. Leh Ladakh is situated in the province of Jammu &Kashmir, known as the crown of India. Leh has a region of 45,110km sq, it is otherwise called the second-biggest region in the nation after Kutch, Gujarat. Leh is known as the capital of Ladakh at an elevation of 11,500ft above ocean level. Leh is 25km away from Ladakh.

In summers the most extreme temperature is 30-degree Celsius and in the night it tumbles to 16 to 20. In winters the temperature tumbles to – 20-degree celsius, the solidified lake in winters is an incredible vacation destination. The closest air terminal is Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport and takes transport from Manali to Srinagar to reach Leh, the course is open from June to October for Busses.

Top motivations to visit Leh Ladakh

All-encompassing magnificence of the spot

Ladakh is encompassed by the Himalayas and Karakoram mountains. the land has an assortment of sands in an alternate shading. The stream in the territory is completely clear with blue in shading. The magnificence of the spot is captivating secured with snow all around giving the spot a look of paradise, celebrated religious communities, clear water streams, patches of vegetation, make this spot total nature heaven, ideal for pictures and nature darlings.


Ladakh is well known for its pink tea, customary momos and thukkpas. Because of the Tibetan individual’s dwelling, the spot has astonishing Tibetan nourishment to offer and furthermore their nearby cooking styles. The blend of Tibetan, Nepali and Indian flavor in one dish. It brings to the table a lot of novel dishes with solid flavors for the individuals of each sort; vegan and non-veg also.

Brilliant Festivals

It would be better and an extraordinary chance on the off chance that you visit the spot at the hour of the celebration, there are different promising events like Dosmoche, Phyang, Tak, Losar, Hemis, and others. Each celebration is related to various occasions like move, distinctive style show and another sort of exhibition. You will locate an alternate sort of instrument that is being utilized. The best occasion is the Masked move during the Hemis celebration.

Open-air Events

There are a lot of occasions and places to visit in Ladakh. there are trekking to mountain tops, ideal for apprentices and famous religious communities to visit. The top pinnacles are Nun-Kun, Jang Yatse, and Stok is an enchanted spot with magnificence spread all finished, you will discover delightful towns and valleys on your way. Universes’ most elevated passes are in Ladakh. Many individuals from everywhere throughout the world visit here in Summers for appreciating rides in these passes. The top passes are Kardung La, Namshang La, Chang La, Tanglang La, and others.

Visiting Monastries and Gompas

There a lot of religious communities and gompa here. You can even trek to specific religious communities and furthermore remain there for a couple of days for nothing and experience the way of life of the individuals living there and even gain some new useful knowledge. You will discover such a large number of new things to investigate, old compositions, collectibles, and hand stylistic layout things. The top religious communities in Ladakh are Thikshey, Hemis, Stakna, Matho, Spituk, Alchi and others.

Reviving yourself

Ladakh is the excellence and regardless of where you visit the one thing which is ensured is unwinding. The spot has such a great amount to offer for everybody, it is a finished spot to chill and restore yourself. They’re a lot of religious communities that show contemplation and different exercises that will give you inward harmony and soundness. Investigate the lovely city and it will surprise you with its excellence and enchantment, which will tie you, not to leave the spot.


Ladakh isn’t just excellent yet courageous also, you can spot snow panther, drive on the planets most elevated mountain passes, you can do boating and trekking. It has everything which one can try of, its a total occasion goal, brimming with happiness and experience.


The excellence of lakes is amazing and one of the most popular lakes in Pangong lake. This lake changes shading for the duration of the day from blue to green and green to dark. It is an ideal spot to camp. During the hour of winters, the lake freezes a piece and a thick layer of ice is shaped. The temperature will be – 30 degrees in this manner it is smarter to go get ready.


Leh Ladakh Group Tour- A Trip To The Himalayan Kingdom


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