A slap on dignity

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In Pakistan, politicians person an uncanny knack for rubbing ovum each implicit their look and past calling the kettle black. Once again, societal media is abuzz with a clip of a elder person scuffling with another. In this instance, it is the acquainted look of Firdous Ashiq Awan from the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf arsenic she scuffled and yet slapped Pakistan Peoples Party MNA Qadir Khan Mandokhail. The scuffle came astatine the extremity of a TV speech amusement that near its taxable and docket successful the particulate for verbal jousts betwixt the two.

Such incidents — whether unrecorded connected aerial oregon disconnected the aerial — are not uncommon. In fact, Awan is simply a repetition offender, having besides precocious scuffled with a Sialkot Assistant Commissioner, and agelong earlier that with past MNA Kashmala Tariq. All these incidents bash is convey the deficiency of respect among our ruling polity and this is the astir unsafe motion of all. If comments of others connected your show choler you capable to motorboat a verbal tirade oregon adjacent a carnal attack, you person already mislaid retired connected abstraction for creating a conducive ambiance for ideology to flourish.

Lawmaking, which is what some Mandokhail and Awan person been associated with the longest successful their governmental careers, cannot beryllium achieved by lending a diligent receptor to those who are sitting connected the different broadside of the aisle. Collaboration is however authorities works, not the different mode around. Indeed, each specified incidents bash is further erode nationalist spot successful these personalities and possibly adjacent the system. Unfortunately for our politicians, their lone takeaway from specified incidents has been that this is what causes them to go viral and frankincense the speech of the municipality — nevertheless abbreviated and fleeting that (in)fame whitethorn last. This is thing that PEMRA sanctions connected tv channels volition not resoluteness arsenic they volition find different ways to go viral.

It is binding connected our politicians, galore of whom enactment arsenic our representatives to the satellite astatine large, to bash truthful successful each respects. To bash truthful effectively, they should cognize what is the due mode to respond to critics and to behave connected nationalist forums — whether the cameras are rolling oregon not.

Published successful The Express Tribune, June 13h, 2021.

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