Aquaguard Water Purification Systems & Services

Aquaguard Water Purification Systems & Services

Aquaguard Water Purification Systems & Services

Aquaguard Water Purification Systems & Services. We hear and read several news where we are informed about the increase of contamination in water and how consumption of contaminated drinking water is affecting lives, but do we take it seriously? Well, most of us tend to ignore this kind of news or information, thinking that we are safe, and we are never going too caught up with water-borne diseases.

Well, this negligence towards the quality of water we are drinking can lead to future regret. Purification of water has become immensely crucial to remove various forms of undesirable substances present in the water, and to achieve this goal use of water purifiers is one of the most effective, affordable, and convenient options.

In the Indian market, there is a broad range of water purifiers that are designed to satisfy the water purification and filtration needs of customers. Aquaguard is one such water purifier brand that is known for its fantastic water purification capabilities and bringing a sweet and pleasant smell and taste into the water.

The brand is owned by Eureka Forbes, which is a well-established consumer goods company, with a strong market presence in India. Aquaguard offers a vast range of water purifiers with different and unique features and specifications to solve various issues related to unfit or contaminated water.

Aquaguard Water Purifiers have gained immense popularity and recognition among Indian consumers due to their tremendous performance and durability. The purifiers by Aquaguard can effectively fight with and remove the rigid contaminants present in the water, hence assuring consumers of the highest quality purified water.

Along with fantastic water purifier products Aquaguard Customer Care department has received massive appreciation in the past years due to its excellent customer support services. If you are someone who is planning to buy a new water purifier, you can give a chance to Aquaguard, as the range of purifiers offered under the brand can meet almost all of your water purification criteria and requirements.

Advantages of Buying Aquaguard Water Purifiers

Several reasons are there due to which buying an Aquaguard purification system for your home can be the right decision. Aquaguard water purifiers utilize all-natural processes and techniques to deal with various types of physical, biological, and chemical contaminants present in the water.

Reverse osmosis is to remove contaminants and hardness from the sea; reverse osmosis is the most used technology within Aquaguard water purifiers. Along with RO (Reverse Osmosis), most of the Aquaguard water purifiers also utilizes UV or UF water purification technology to ensure 100% removal of unwanted materials from the water.

RO water purifiers manufactured by Aquaguard can remove toxins like chlorine, lead, mercury, fluoride, etc. that are potential in making a person extremely ill. The water purification devices offered by the brand are laced with filter cartridges, filtration membranes, UV lamps, and other crucial components that can aid the process of water purification. There is also a TDS controller installed within the Aquaguard range of water purifiers to track the level of harmful dissolved solids present in the water.

The Aquaguard water purifier completes the process of water purification in multiple stages to ensure that even the tiniest impurity has been removed from the water. The brand offers water purifiers for residential, commercial, as well as industrial purposes.

Hence it has a vast consumer base across the nation. Other than these points, the water purifiers offered by the brand are very affordable and low maintenance, which means you need not to invest a considerable amount for availing maintenance services for your Aquaguard water purifiers.

Customer Support & Maintenance and Repair Services by Aquaguard

Aquaguard water purifiers do not burden your pockets because it has low maintenance; however, being mechanical device-specific maintenance is needed by them. To make your task easy, you can buy AMC plans offered by the company that covers a range of services such as repair service, cleaning service, the filter part repair & replacement service, and others for your Aquaguard water purifiers.

To know about the AMC plan available for Aquaguard water purifiers, you can call on Aquaguard customer care number and speak with the customer care executive of the company. Customer care executives can help you choose the best AMC plan for your water purifier and can also help you know the renewal process of any pre-existing AMC plan that you already own.

Along with customer care services, Aquaguard also has a strong service center network across the company. Hence customers residing in small cities, as well as metro cities, can easily reach out to their nearby Aquaguard service center for availing any services required by their water purifiers. Aquaguard also offers on-site services for water purifiers at minimal charges.

Hence customers can opt for the same whenever needed. Furthermore, for any queries, the company’s customer care department can be reached via mail, call, or by merely registering request on the official website at any time of the day.

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