Ardha Dance | A Cultural Cornerstone of Saudi Arabia

Ardha Dance | A Cultural Cornerstone of Saudi Arabia  

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Ardha Dance | A Cultural Cornerstone of Saudi Arabia  

Ardha Dance | A Cultural Cornerstone of Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an Islamic place not only reserved for the known rituals of Hajj and Umrah.  It is an Islamic wonderland with great diversity and great choices. The Saudi Kingdom holds a distinct position for its distinct socio-cultural and traditional values. Besides the religious activity places the Saudi world offers you much more to behold and enjoy.

Saudi Culture and Art

The Saudi Arabian culture is the one that is shaped by the rich Islamic heritage, its historical significance as an ancient trade center and its Bedouin traditions.

 Cultural Change in Saudi Arabia

While rambling into the Saudi wonder kingdom, you would surely experience decades. Saudi Arabian moves to keep pace with the advancement of time. This Islamic destination has experienced tremendous development over the past several decades.

 Saudi Traditional Dances- A Living part of Arabian Culture

Traditional dances and Poetry are an inseparable component of Saudi culture. The history of Saudi dances, Music, and poetry is traced back even before the arrival of the last Prophet Mohammad (SAW) which continued even afterward.

The Saudi Music is said to be shaped by the Bedouin tribes and later by Arabs who brought musical influences from around the world. The Saudi dances were performed on the poems sung by the ancient Bedouin Swordsmen and poets.

Since then, the Saudi Society of Culture and Arts has initiated several appreciable steps for the uplifting of Folk Music and Dance traditions in the Kingdom.

Ardha Dance | A Cultural Cornerstone of Saudi Arabia

Ardha- National Dance of Saudi Arabia

Saudi cultural peculiarity lies in its world-famed Sword Dance entitled as Al-Ardah or Ardah-Al Saifia. The term Ard is taken from the word meaning to show or to parade. The Swords and the Daggers used in this Dance are specially welded with immense respect.

 Ardha-Al Saifia- A Dance of Eastern Saudi Region

It is highly recommended to amuse and amaze yourself with this Saudi National Dance. It is the reverential Sword Dance, which is an epitome of versatile Saudi culture. Its inaugurated by King Salman.

 Ardha Dance- An Inspirational Tourist Attraction

The Arab media covered an exuberant experience of a jovial tourist group of American female travelers who joined the Ardah Dancers to get a firsthand experience of this Saudi cultural cornerstone. So this dance is an unmissable opportunity to swing with this Sword Dance steps.

Ardha Dance | A Cultural Cornerstone of Saudi Arabia

Ardha Dance of the Past

In the past, the Ardah Sword dance was associated with military achievements and the encouragement of men for wars. It was also performed after the war victories as the joyous symbol of celebration. In the ancient Saudi Times, this dance is known to be performed by the Shammer Tribe of Najd people prior to entering in the battlefields

Now this Dance has become a widespread practice on the celebrations of special events like weddings and the arrival of VIPs in the Kingdom.

This Ardah Dance is also performed to commemorate the wars, battles, and victories seen in the reign of the Saudi Arabian founder King Abdul Aziz Al Saud. The Dancers joyously express their affinity and reverence for the King.

How is Ardha Dance Performed

This Dance is accompanied by the beating of Drums. There are the people who hit on the tambourines in line. These tambourines are the musical instruments played by the musicians on war songs and poems of pride and praise.

This Dance is performed by the two rows of men who may or may not hold swords. Each row of dancers is known as al-Shayila. The man who narrates the poem is known as Al-Shayial. The Drummers and the tambourine playing musicians are collectively known as Edda men.

This sword dance is also regarded as the Society Sword Art practiced in the entire gulf region. This art is as important as the Oil Production in Saudi Arabia.

 The Other Similar Saudi Dance forms

The Saudi Dance is immensely famed for its decency and disciplinary moves of the Dancers. These dancers zealously rehearse to give the best performance in their regions. Besides Ardah the visitors can sway on many other dance forms practiced nationwide.

There are around 50 folk dances in Saudi Arabia. Some of which are the following

Ardha Dance | A Cultural Cornerstone of Saudi Arabia

 Al-Sibha Folk Dance

This dance is performed on Al-Sibha folk music. This cultural art is the characteristic of the region Al-Hejaz. This Al-Sibha folk music is the blend of Arab and Spanish dance forms.


This dance is the characteristic feature of the twin Saudi cities Makkah and Medinah.  This dance is performed in sacred cities on the beat of Al-Mizmar a musical instrument played by the duo or trio ( groups of two or 3 musicians)


A dance performed on the Daff Drum on the folkloric poetry. The Daff Drum beats are very soothing for the ears to listen to.

 Al-Majrour folk dance

It is the popular folk dance of Taif in which the dancers queue up in two rows and dance. The two dancing lines face each other in this dance art. During this dance, they swing on the melodies of the flute.

 The Meticulous Moves of Saudi Heritage Society

The significance of Saudi Dance art is understood by knowing about the collective moves of the Saudi Ministry of Culture and the Department of Education to preserve this incredible dance form from extinction.

According to the Saudi reports of 2015, the 10th session of the UNESCO committee had agreed to enlist the Saudi Ardha dance in World Intangible Heritage.

So the globetrotters must bag pack for Saudi Arabian en route to dance with the incredible Saudi National Dancers


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