Aussies 'stoked' to suit up for Games debut

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Skateboarding, 1 of the eventual emblems of underground subculture, makes its debut astatine Tokyo this year


Representing their country, wearing a azygous and adjusting to a squad dynamic are immoderate of the galore changes skateboarders astatine the Olympics person to get utilized to, but Australian duo Shane O'Neill and Hayley Wilson are determined to emergence to the challenge.

Skateboarding, 1 of the eventual emblems of underground subculture, makes its debut astatine the Tokyo Games this twelvemonth with events scheduled to beryllium held astatine the Ariake Urban Sports Park connected Tokyo's waterfront.

Involving adjacent parts idiosyncratic athleticism and artistry, skateboarders execute gravity-defying tricks and spins to the bushed of large music, successful a high-risk, high-reward format that has attracted a loyal and youthful pursuing astir the world.

"Fans tin expect to spot skateboarding successful a truly competitory form," said O'Neill, who astatine 31 is the elder statesman connected Australia's five-member skateboarding squad successful Tokyo.

"We tin showcase skateboarding successful a bully way, amusement everyone what we tin do. It's decidedly a caller acquisition being successful a contention similar this, competing with countries.

"Usually you're doing it for yourself, but it's chill to beryllium a portion of this. We don't usually truly person uniforms and it's antithetic to beryllium a portion of the squad thing, but it's ace chill and I'm stoked to beryllium a portion of this."

For 19-year-old Wilson, the accidental to correspond her state and beforehand the athletics she archetypal started erstwhile she was 8 years aged connected the biggest planetary signifier of them each is its ain reward.

"It's decidedly an astonishing accidental for america skaters," she said. "We've ne'er experienced thing arsenic large arsenic this. It's truly breathtaking to beryllium successful the (Olympic) Village, deterioration greenish and gold, correspond our country.

"Skating is benignant of an creation sport, it's truthful different, each tally is different. You've got specified a enactment of antithetic tricks to take from. It's truthful chill and truthful unsocial that we tin amusement what we've got successful our ain ways."

For the seasoned O'Neill, the layout of Ariake Urban Sports Park volition connection plentifulness of chances for the skateboarders to showcase their idiosyncratic skills and entertain fans tuning successful astir the world.

"Each skater is going to bash a antithetic instrumentality and (the course) truly enables you to skate precisely however you privation to. That's chill for maine and for the skaters to beryllium capable to bash their champion things successful their ain way," helium said.

"It makes it a truly chill acquisition for radical to ticker due to the fact that it's not conscionable everyone conscionable skating and doing the aforesaid thing.

"I emotion watching different sports and their accepted ways, but with skating it's a batch different."

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