Awareness to Prevent Breast Cancer

Awareness to Prevent Breast Cancer

Awareness to prevent breast cancer: The importance of a balanced diet and exercise

Awareness to Prevent Breast Cancer. Breast cancer is one of the deadliest diseases for women. Every year, there are 46,000 women affected by breast cancer, and 12,000 of them eventually gave up. Actually, we could do many things to prevent it. According to some researchers, eating vegetables, fruits, and milk, twice a week could help prevent this type of cancer.

This proof is verified after some researchers studied 50 overweight women in the age range of 30-45 years who have a genetic risk for developing breast cancer. From these studies, it appears that women who reduce calorie intake by just 650 calories twice a week will be able to significantly reduce the hormone level that trigger cancer in the blood.

“With this two-day diet you can restrict calories much more than if you reduce the portion of food every day. This affects all cells in the body, particularly in the breast. When the supply of food is reduced as such, the cells become more stable and will not break down to form a cancer, “said Dr Michelle Harvie from Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester, England, who led this study.

The recommended diet consists of four servings of vegetables, a piece of fruit, a litre of low-fat milk, and a cup of green tea. After six months, the researchers found that the respondents’ levels of hormones which trigger cancer in the blood had decreased along with the decline of leptin to 40 percent, and likewise for insulin to 25 percent. It is equally important to note that the average body weight was also reduced to 6.5 kg. It has long been known that weight loss can help prevent breast cancer, because obesity is believed to be the third major cause of all cases leading to breast cancer.

Stephen O’Rahilly, the professor of Clinical Biochemistry and medical director at Cambridge University, said that “the main challenge is that people find it difficult to lose weight. Although they may be successful to reduce their weight, one or two years later most people will go back to its original weight.”

Therefore, people who do not want to get cancer are strongly encouraged to consider eating healthy food and doing exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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