Baidu Seo Vs Bing Seo Which Is Better In 2020

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Baidu Seo Vs Bing Seo Which Is Better In 2020

Baidu Seo Vs Bing Seo Which Is Better In 2020. When it comes to SEO and marketing, Google is the first name that strikes our mind. There are places that you cannot reach only with Google and the other search engines in the market such as Bing, Yahoo will be helpful for you.

When we talk about world business, China is one of the most prominent names having a huge marketplace. Their internet users have been growing constantly having a growth of 3584% since the year 2000. So, naturally, you will never like to ignore such a huge marketplace for your company. And as Google does not work in China at all, you need to stay updated and follow the Bing or Baidu SEO Guidelines to earn a good ranking on these search engines and make your business reach heights in these market places as well.

Considering the language and censorship barriers, the Chinese market is considered one of the most complicated markets around the world. Whereas Baidu is the leading search engine of China with almost 61.13% users in its share, Bing has a share of about 2.4% in the total Chinese online market. But still, Bing can never be overlooked in the Chinese market due to the low competition rate.

So, when you are planning to launch your business on an international platform, make sure that you are focusing and following such guidelines. Is your company is based in India and now planning to launch your business on an international level, you can always ask your provider of Digital Marketing services In India to follow these guidelines.

Here, in this article, we will be focusing on the Baidu SEO vs Bing SEO guidelines to find out which will let you have an upper hand in upcoming years.

Focus on The Content

When we are talking about SEO, content always has to play a very important role in your SEO success. And like any other Search Engine, both Baidu and Bing will focus on the content that you use in your platform.


Though previously Baidu’s algorithm Spider used to focus only on technically optimized contents but with the recent Baidu SEO 2020 update they have definitely turned smarter.

Content quality is definitely going to play the key role behind your SEO success on this search engine with its latest updated algorithm. At the same time, the contents containing poor or below average contents is either going to be banned or will earn a serious penalty with the latest update.


When it comes to Bing, this search engine is going to prioritize its user experience. So according to Bing 2020 guidelines, they are going to prioritize the contents that can engage its users having proper and detailed information having related search quarries. So, if a site is not able to engage its visitors for an estimated period, that site might earn a penalty with the latest Bing SEO 2020 update.

Role of Keywords


While you are planning your SEO for Baidu, according to the latest Baidu SEO guidelines you need to find out the right keyword according to your content. Once you are sure about which keyword to use, you need to allocate them wisely. As Baidu requires a higher keyword density of about 8-12%, you need to increase the keyword density in your content for better results.


When it comes to Bing, they always prefer the exact keywords rather than the keywords that go with then context and semantics. So, for Bing, you are always advised to use keywords naturally with your content. For a better result, you can always use keywords in meta descriptions and alt tags. Also, having the keywords in H1 and H2 tags will always help you to earn a better ranking in Bing.

Webmaster Tools


Baidu has its own SEO and webmaster tools that can be very helpful for you to select the required keyword for your content. Baidu Webmaster tool has numerous features under six categories such as data submission, site configuration, site security, site management, site analysis and so on. Some of its popular features are able to authenticate an HTTPS site with Baidu, submit the broken links on the search engine, minimizes the negative effects of SEO, etc.


Using the Bing webmaster tools, you can easily look for the required keywords for a better rank, indexed backlinks, and so on. You can easily sign up for a Bing webmaster tool account and can register your website on it. To run the process, you will be required to verify your website by using an XML file on your web server or copying a meta tag on the website or attaching a CNAME record to the site.

Backlinks are Important


When it comes to marketing and promotion of your content’s backlinks are of great help. When you are going to use backlinks for your promotions, make sure that the site is a dominant one and your linked article is relevant to the posted article and keywords. Make sure that the site has ranked well on Baidu for your targeted keywords.


When it comes to Bing, the backlinks role is not so prominent in the picture yet. But in case you aim to promote using backlinks, this search engine requires you to build the linked profile with do-follow links and match the anchor text precisely.

Bing tends to favor the organic links that belong to relevant and reliable sites such as .edu, .gov, .org, etc. These links always perform best on this search page. At the same time, this search engine always favors links from old domains as this is considered to be reliable.


While nowadays we mostly keep Google in mind, Bing will always be the sleeping giant in this industry. So, excluding Bing from your SEO strategy will never be as fruitful as you think. At the same time, while planning your strategy, you always need to focus on other regional search engines such as Baidu for China and Yandex for Russia. So, while you are aiming to play big in this industry, do not avoid these search engines especially when you target the international market.

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