Beautiful Women of the World who are all Muslim

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Beautiful Women of the World who are all Muslim

Beautiful Women of the World who are all Muslim. Allah has made man very beautiful. The weapon of women is to be beautiful. Today we tell you about women who are very beautiful and their name in the world. They all belong to different parts of the world. These women are beautiful as well as socially recognized. There is no doubt that these women are beautiful as well as highly intelligent, which is why the whole world is affected by them.

Manal Binat Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Beautiful Women of the World who are all Muslim

Manal Bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is a famous political figure from the royal family of Dubai. She is best known as the President of the Dubai Women Establishment. Manal says that women’s autonomy is very important. Along with this it helps women to improve Dubai’s economic conditions

Adını Feriha Koydum

Beautiful Women of the World who are all Muslim

Adını Feriha Koydum is associated with Turkey. Obviously, their beauty has led them to showbiz where she has become known all over the world. She is among the most beautiful women in Turkey. Women in Turkey mostly follow them. Allah has given a good character in good form, which is why anyone who meets them becomes their own.


Mahira Khan

Famous Pakistani actress Mahira Khan has diverse abilities. She has a place in showbiz and is one of the highest paid figures in Pakistan. The reason for his fame is his play ‘Humsafar’ where her career has grown. Her role in this drama was greatly appreciated. Due to his fame and excellent acting, Bollywood offered him the opposite role of Shah Rukh Khan.


Sheikha Mahra

Sheikh Mehra is the daughter of the King of Dubai. She is known worldwide for his blonde, almond skin and brown eyes. When her first photo appeared on social media, everyone was crazy about her beauty. She is also a great horsewoman.

Cyrine Abdelnour

She is from Lebanon. She is a great singer and she does modeling as well. Her many albums have come out so far which have gained a lot of fame.

Mona Abou Sleiman

Beautiful Women of the World who are all Muslim

She belongs to showbiz. The reason for their reputation is their self-confidence. She was born in the United States but originally from Saudi Arabia. Along with this, her childhood has been spent in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and the United States. She is among the most independent and influential women in the world.

Zarine Khan

Zarin Khan is one of the most famous Indian actresses, who is as beautiful as her own name. She was born in Mumbai in the Pathan family. He has worked in various films and TV dramas till now which have received great acclaim. Her most successful film was with Salman Khan, in which he got his first entry. And the film was a huge success. Her role in the film was of a Jhat family princess who was greatly loved.

Nesreen Tafesh

The beautiful and charming actress, hailing from Palestine, was born in the Syrian city of Aleppo. She also belongs to the showbiz industry. His fans are from almost all countries of the world.

Reham Khan

She is from Pakistan. She is born in Swat while his fame is due to his beauty and marriage to the head of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. Since then she has been working in various channels, before this wedding she has also worked at the BBC. Recently, a collection of memoirs and talk about his and Imran Khan’s relationship is being made in a book which she says contains many revelations about Imran Khan and his party.


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She belongs to the royal family of Saudi Arabia. She is a gentle woman with a soft heart and countless women. Along with this she has a Bachelor of Business Degree and is also the President of the Walid bin Chalal Foundation. She is among the influential women in the Middle East

He has also recently received the award for best human rights

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