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How to Buy and Care for Bed Sheets

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How to Buy and Care for Bed Sheets

How to Buy and Care for Bed Sheets. After all day long a person needs leisure on its bed which makes them comfortable with a smooth touch of a bedsheet.

There are many types of bedsheets, so there is a large variety of bedsheets around there. So if you want a bed sheet of full quality you have to check: thread count, microfiber or cotton, fit, weaves and etc. Choosing bed sheets can be quite complicated if you are going to check manually about quality.

Here are some tips which can help you get the finest linen bed sheets easier and faster!

What type of fabric is best for regular sheets

If you are here to find the best and long-lasting quality then you should consider cotton. Most of the shoppers seek bed sheets having a blend of cotton fabric. The soft and best quality sheets have high quality and long-staple cotton in it, as Egyptian and Pima. Cotton percale has a cool feel and crispy linen stuff. The cotton sateen delivers a smooth feel with a luxury finishing, while the flannel delivers the cozy touch and feels smooth in touch for cool weather. It all depends upon personal taste and it’s totally fine to have different types of bed sheets according to climate.

Suggestion: It’s upon you what type of bed sheet you use but considers the stuffed cotton, as it is still the best.

What are microfiber bed sheets?

The microfiber sheets are made of fibers, so it’s confirmed that they are not made naturally. The microfiber stuff is a little slippery and smooth. So they are affordable in buying but you should keep in mind that microfiber will not give a crispy cotton feel. But if you are looking for a cotton alternative, then it is the best alternative and affordable.

Suggestion: These sheets can be different so make sure to compare different brands before buying.

Which sheets are easy to care for?

When it comes to washing the bedsheets, it’s where we can see which stuff is long-lasting. So sometimes we see some sheets make up for a long time even after several pieces of washing. Microfibers are not long-staple as compared to thick and long fiber. Cotton sheets are long-staple than any of its alternatives.

Suggestion: Cotton polyester with a wrinkle-free finish is the easiest care bed sheet.

Tips to Care for Bed Sheets

Wash the bed sheets and pillowcases once a week with smooth detergent in both warm and cold weather.

Clean your linen sheets just like your clothes closet and throw the bleeding or grayed ones.

Before putting the sheets in the detergent, dissolve the detergent in the water.

Take out the bed sheet while they are damp in liquid so in this way you can prevent wrinkling. So if you are so lucky to have a clothesline then dry the sheets outside otherwise you can dry them on permanent press.

 Don’t use bleach to wash the sheets it may harm the cotton stuff of the sheet. You can use hydrogen peroxide as a less harmful alternative and can extend the life of the sheet.

 Some sheets fit better

As we all like perfect fitted clothes the same as it is it’s for the sheets. The sheet size should be according to the mattress. If you don’t have a standard mattress size you should find the stretchable sheets or having elastic ends to fit perfectly. So it’s not an issue if you have any big sheets for your big mattress, as you can need it to fit your mattress properly.

Suggestion: The key to perfect sheets are fitted sheets. So you should keep in mind this main thing.

Duvet covers

This is very important to buy a duvet cover. First look cotton or polyester stuff that doesn’t have wrinkles. Second, choose a closure you like. In my suggestion zippers are preferable because they are secure. You can also use envelopes closures if you are not comfortable with zippers. But remember to get the snug fit duvet cover. If it’s going to be loose then the insert will be moving In the cover.

Suggestion: Buy the snug fit secure duvet.

Things consider for bed sheets


  • Go for cotton


Cotton is comfortable and breathable stuff. As it is long-lasting and has many blends in it which creates its huge varieties in it. The cotton percale is the recommended one which delivers cool and has a crispy touch.


  • Look for the finish


Some of the industries done the finishing of sheets with chemicals so they become wrinkle-free. But there are some which offer 100% organic finishing mean no chemicals in the finishing. But the organic finishing has more wrinkles then non-organic. So it’s totally your choice to choose what you want or in which you are comfortable.


  • Consider the environmental impact


As some sheets have chemical finishing so they have pros as well as cons. The chemical finishing makes the sheet wrinkle-free but has a negative impact on people in which they face potential health problems. Because after washing the sheets it may release resins of chemical used for wrinkle-free sheets. The chemical is formaldehyde and people with skin problems like allergies can be sensitive to this chemical.


  • Always wash sheets before you sleep on them


So if your choice is chemical finishing bed sheets then use them after washing them, otherwise, due to chemicals, you may face skin problems or other health issues. If you need to view all the buying guides as well as customer reviews along with all the types of the product then go for reviews at Vend review for the best suggestions for the decor of your bedroom and healthy sleep.


Now, at the end, you have a bit more knowledge about the different types of sheets available in the market. So if you have some skin problems regarding bed sheets than you should consult your doctor first and use the recommended one. In our suggestion use the organic made bed sheets so that you might not have some skin problems and will have long-staple fabric bed sheets. In case you are eager to do a sound investment go for cotton bed sheets.

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