Benefits of Brass Knuckles Over Other Weapons

Brass Knuckles

Benefits of Brass Knuckles Over Other Weapons

Benefits of Brass Knuckles Over Other Weapons. Brass knuckles are weapons that have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. They are knuckles that can be worn over knuckles and are made up of solid metal that can cause serious damage to the one attacked. The Brass Knuckles are small in size and can be carried anywhere with ease.

With crime rates going up at a quick pace, it is important for all commuters, late night workers to stay vigilant as well equipped with the right type of weapons to defend and protect them. One such weapon that proves to be ideal for this purpose is the knuckle weapon. 

The weapon has many names such as knuckle duster or knuckle buster or knucks, and so on. This weapon also comes in a variety of types so that people get to make an easy choice while deciding on buying one. The weapon also has a couple of interesting uses that are not limited to self defense. This guide will get you acquainted with all the information you need on the real brass knuckles.

Types of Brass Knuckles 

There are various types of brass knuckles for sale that you get to find while looking for one for yourself on the brass knuckles website and even in the weapon stores. The weapons vary in terms of finger holes, styles, and color.

You get to find plain colored knuckles that suit people who mean serious business. The silver and gold brass knuckles are ideal plain colored weapons. Each of them has four finger holes. You also will come across products that have cool designs on top of them. These cool weapons are meant for fun and collection purposes. You get to buy the weapon with cool engravings or designs on top of them. 

Some knuckles that you will come across also include designs on top such as the grenade knuckles, which are designed as a grenade and the AK47 knuckles. You also will come across two finger knuckles such as the cat knuckles, which are shaped like a cat and can be used with two fingers. The weapon is light in weight and is ideal for females as they get a weapon to show off along with keeping themselves safe. 

Uses of the Cool Brass Knuckles

Now that you know a good deal about the weapons, let us get you acquainted with the uses of the cool brass knuckles. The weapon can be used in a variety of ways that are not limited to self defense. Let us learn about the uses in detail. 

  • Self Defense

The weapon tends to be the best for self defense because it is easy and can be even carried in your pockets, and the weapon is totally safe as it does not kill rather gives you a chance of escaping or getting the trouble maker caught. The ease of carrying the weapon makes it the best for all outdoor goers.

  • Collection Purpose

Just like any other weapon, the weapon is also ideal for collection purposes. There are many people out there that love collecting weapons and antiques if you are one of them you should be adding them to your collection as they will enlighten it. The weapon can also be gifted to people who love collecting weapons as it will make their day and will keep you in their thoughts.

  • Paperweight and Décor

One interesting use of the weapon is that you can use it as a paperweight by putting it on top of your papers so that they don’t fly away. You can also put it on your workstation or home table as a décor item. The fancy look of the weapon will leave everyone amazed with what you have on display. 

  • Cosplay and Movie Prop

Buying real self defense weapons for sale for your movie shootings and cosplay purposes will always be a bad idea as they may be costly and dangerous. With these weapons, you can complete your cosplay attire at a very low cost. Similarly, you can use them for movie hooting purposes as they are economical and safe.

These are some of the many ways that you can benefit from the weapons. All weapons are good in quality; they last longer, are totally safe and can be carried anywhere with ease. 

Brass Knuckles Today at Discounted Rates

Now that you have read the entire guide and are familiar with the amazing knuckles, their uses, and types, let us now get you acquainted with the prices they come at and where to buy brass knuckles from. You will be surprised, but the fact of the matter is that the knuckles are available at very low prices. You can buy cheap brass knuckles for yourself, or you can buy the wholesale weapons in bulk if you want to make money out of them.

Buying in bulk is profitable as you get to buy them at low prices, and you can then sell them ahead for higher prices. The weapon can be easily bought from weapon stores around you, or if you want, you can buy the weapon from online marketplaces and can have them delivered to your homes. With the knowledge provided above, it is likely that you will equip yourself with the best weapon out there. Check out the collection of brass knuckles available at KnifeImport and order your favorite ones today.

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