6 Things to do Before Bed – For Better Sleep Quality

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6 Things to do Before Bed – For Better Sleep Quality

6 Things to do Before Bed – For Better Sleep Quality. Things to do before bed, most of the people consider sleep or bedtime a usual thing thus, they do not do any effort in planning activities for a better sleep time routine.

A bedtime routine is a vital activity that is very important for the sanity of all living things. A well planned and structured bedtime routine can be your greatest asset and can improve your mental as well as physical health by two folds. It can also enhance your daily productivity and can be the turning point to live a happy, stress-free, well planned, and successful life.

In the modern world, everything is fast and the technology around us is the greatest distraction.

It is a great challenge to take some time off from working on the laptop, scrolling through social media or watching movies on Netflix and ponder about the things that we can do to improve our mental and physical health.

On the same note, we are writing this blog to tell people the simple to-dos that they can practice if they want to get the most out of the daily sleep routine.

  1. Stop using technology before bed.

Getting the head out of technology is quite difficult in this day and age. Self-control is the key to move toward a healthy and productive routine. However, the curiosity of seeing social media feeds can make even the most controlled person fell.

 The blue light coming from the screens of electronic devices indicates the human brain that it is not the time for sleep and can keep you awake as you toss and turn on the bed trying to sleep. It is advised to avoid using smartphones, watching TV, or using a laptop an hour or two before going to bed. Set the room light dim so that the brain can adapt and go to the sleeping mode.

It is also recommended to turn off messaging and put the phone into Airplane mode 20 minutes before sleeping. It will also help your mind to calm down. A live smartphone can put your head thinking about making a call, replying to an email, or about the conversations and discussions.

  1. Keep yourself as stress-free as possible.

Keeping stressful nighttime is inevitable for a long time. It is very important to practice activities that can make your night routine calm and soothing. Take a cold bath before going to bed and spend 5 to 10 minutes in the bathtub with your eyes closed. Keep your mind clean from negative thoughts, do not plan or think about business, relationships, or the day at the job as you are trying to jump into the realm of calmness and contentment.

Read a novel or storybook, do less stressful activities like playing with a child or talking to the loved one. Do not ponder upon the things that you did not accomplish during the day.

Another thing is that do not get frustrated over timestamp or the sequence of activities. Just follow the planned routine one by one and you can skip some activities if you don’t want to engage in them for the time being. If you go to bed and do not snooze off within a 10 to 20 minutes get up and engage in little activities that will have a positive impact on your soul.

  1. Be Conscious about food or drinks you take close to bedtime.

Some several foods and drinks had been found guilty of destroying sleep quality. Getting a caffeine beverage and eating a heavy meal within an hour before going to bed can harm your sleep cycle. Consuming alcohol is also a sleep killer.

It is highly advised to eat and drink 3 hours before bed so that the food can be well digested until the time of sleeping. A bloated stomach will make you feel uncomfortable while trying to sleep.

Another thing is that keep yourself well hydrated throughout the day. A hydrated body keeps the energy level high and overcome drowsiness during the daytime. Do not take water at the time of going to bed as going to the washroom can disturb your sleep and nobody likes to get out of a warm and cozy bed after falling asleep.

  1. Set a Calm and Comfy bedroom environment.

The bedroom is the most relaxing place where one can let go of all the worldly problems. It is the place where one can sit back relax and can enjoy some private space. On the quest of getting the best quality sleep; setting a cool, comfy, and relaxing bedroom environment should be the number 1 priority.

Having an air conditioner is great but if you don’t have one make sure that the room is well ventilated; open the window, use a standalone fan or wear soft, breathable cotton clothes.

For an awesome and mind relaxing atmosphere spray some lavender essential oil in the air. It is a small step but trusts me it will give you an aura to stay calm and relaxed. Another thing is to rub essential oils on the bottom of the feet as our body has pressure points that start from our feet and doing massage on them gives us a sensation of calmness and satisfaction.

You can also light a scented candle on your dresser or place them on either side of the bed so that it can feel more inviting. Do some stretching or meditation while playing guided meditation audio. As the audio ends climb on the bed and blow the candles to get a dark room most suited for a pleasant sleep and feel refreshed as when you wake up.

  1. Slip-on an eye mask and earplugs

How much you try to get total isolation while trying to sleep. There are always some loopholes that may distract you from your beauty sleep. It may be a snoring partner, the traffic noise from a nearby freeway, or a dog howling at night. That is why it is best to wear noise cancelling earplugs so that you may not get frustrated over the outdoor noises.

On the same note, it is also quite important to get optimal darkness so that your mind can feel that it is the time to sleep. You can wear a comfortable and adjustable sleep mask that can give you total light isolation.

  1. Say a prayer of gratitude

Hope and Hopelessness are some of the widespread dilemmas that our society is facing. The world is moving at a great speed and everyone is self-centered. At this point, it is quite easy to fall in the pit of depression and regret, especially by remembering what had happened in the past. To cope up with all these issues. It is very important to tell yourself what things you have and be grateful to what God had bestowed upon you. That is why we recommend people to compile a gratitude journal and write down 5 things every day that you are grateful for. There is no need to write long paragraphs, just take 10 -15 minutes and write a few lines about the good things that had happened that day.

Writing a gratitude journal will also elevate your sense of giving and for the sake of writing positive thoughts in the journal you will be encouraged to do good activities and deeds. Such grateful things can be a chat with an old friend, getting a good job offer, or just holding the door for someone.

This activity had done wonders for me. It had allowed me to carry a pleasant mindset for the next day. Reduced the constant flood of anxious thoughts that had dominated my mind forever and reminded me to appreciate a very beautiful life.

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