Bodies of Chinese engineers killed in Dasu incident to be handed over

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The dormant bodies of the 9 Chinese engineers killed successful the deadly Dasu incidental had brought the the Islamabad airdrome connected Friday morning, to beryllium handed implicit to China.

Construction connected a Dasu hydropower task is presently underway nether the supervision of CPEC’s Chinese experts.

On July 14 workers were travelling to the operation tract erstwhile their autobus abruptly plunged into a heavy ravine aft an detonation connected board. The incidental led to the decease of astatine slightest 13 people, including 9 Chinese engineers, 2 FC officers, and 2 labourers.

More than 2 twelve individuals were wounded and subsequently rushed to a adjacent hospital.

The overseas ministry had initially declared the occurrence an accident. However, Federal Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry aboriginal tweeted astir the grounds of explosives coming to airy and the anticipation of coercion oregon sabotage.

A high-level probe into the incidental is underway.

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The bodies of the deceased were reportedly kept astatine cargo terminal astatine the capital’s airport, wend volition beryllium flown to China by formation fig GHT CA-42 astatine 2:30 pm.

On July 15, China asked Pakistan to "lose nary time" successful conducting a thorough probe into the tragic incident.

"We person asked the Pakistani broadside to suffer nary clip successful conducting a thorough investigation, decently transportation and dainty the wounded, fortify information measures, destruct information risks, and guarantee the information and information of Chinese personnel, institutions and projects successful Pakistan," Chinese overseas ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said during a media briefing.

He added that China volition nonstop retired a cross-departmental associated moving radical to Pakistan to assistance with the applicable work.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi stated that Pakistan would “thoroughly analyse the information of the incident, [and] suffer nary clip successful sharing the advancement of the probe with China”.

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