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ROLE OF CALF BOOK APP. People are fond of keeping pets which they love and bring them up as their own children, same is the case of livestock sector that plays a significance role in nurturing the cattle from the time it is born till the time it is bought for slaughter. Today’s era is the era of technology, so it is very important to pace with the technology if you want to be ahead of your competitor. The smartphone app is considered to be the most leading trend globally, as you find people spending their eighty percent time on surfing these apps. When we talk about pet and smart phone apps, livestock is the well-known sector that has introduced calf book app in the livestock industry. This app is not only limited to farmers or livestock companies, in fact individuals who have kept calves as pet can also use it and download it from Google Play store to see how you can take care of your calf and is there anything you have been missing all this time in caring of your calf.

Calf book app plays a vital role in grooming your livestock business in a sense that it guides you how to do nurturing of your calf, it tells you how to feed it, what to feed it, what vaccination to use in case if the calf gets ill, it tells you what precautions to take incase if there is a pandemic in cattle and much more. Bringing up of cattle is not an easy job it requires work force to work on it, keeping all the essential points in mind this app was designed with features in it that would enhance the livestock companies and also help the in growing the cattle wealthy to fulfill the meat requirements. Since the app is attractive in look and is user friendly so apart from livestock companies many individuals who had farms or love to pet cows installed this app from Google play store in huge number. The best thing about this app is that tells you about the breeding information, cow data, calf gender, generates reports on worksheets, manages cow data and gets easily aligned on the website.

Moreover, calf book app was launched in the market with the motive of filling the app with complete information related to the upbringing of the cattle from the calf to the cattle. The app contains answers to also questions that can pop up in your mind related to your calf and it furthers helps in different ways to up bring your calf by telling you the methods and what diet to feed it. The best thing about this app is that it is user-friendly and you get free information related to your calf free of cost, furthermore, this app helps you to view the generated reports based on your calf’s performance and you can easily view the progress of your calf from any part of the world. Many individuals and companies when came to know about these benefits of this app, they started installing it on their smartphones, many of the livestock companies got information that they were not aware of and based on that information they started to monitor the new calves in their cow herds, they were also provided with the bull data by the usage of this app.

The calf book app acted as a demo for most the individuals who had calf farming business, the features in the app gave them ways to use the app for up bringing the calves into matured cows. The app was designed with motive of serving customers across the globe that had interest in calf management.

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