Children’s Cartoons lead to more deaths than Adult Films

Children’s cartoons lead to more deaths than adult films

Children’s Cartoons lead to more deaths than Adult Films. Adult films are considered violent and violent, but a study report states that the role of children in cartoons dies in double the number of films.

 Children's Cartoons lead to more deaths than Adult Films

The scenes of death in children’s cartoons outweigh the death of the characters in adult films. A recent study reports that the role of children in cartoon films appears to be more than twice as dead as compared to ordinary films.

The latest report published in a British journal states that children’s cartoon films have a death rate of two hundred percent more than adult-made films, while that of cartoon films compared to ordinary films. Three times more murders appear, most of which are fatal.

The study reports that two-thirds of cartoon films made for children appear to eventually fall asleep to death, while adult films make up only half.

 Children's Cartoons lead to more deaths than Adult Films

According to Ian Coleman and James Kirkburge included in this research, ‘cartoon films need to be presented with innocence and good alternatives, rather than following the horrific and violent scenes shown in ordinary films, however these are made for children. In films, death seems to dance. ‘

This study reviewed all the famous cartoon films from the cartoon film ‘Snow White’ made in 1939 to the cartoon film Frozen, which was released in 2013.

The report also states that the parents of the protagonists in cartoon films are shown five times more deaths than ordinary films.

Reportedly, the main cartoon films ‘Bambi’, ‘Pocahontas’ and ‘Peter Pan’ have shown the characters dying, while ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘Sleeping Beauty’ have shown scenes of daggering. In addition, cartoon films Finding Nemo and Tarzan have shown animals attacking humans.

The study did not include films in which the characters were machines rather than humans, as the meaning of death was different in such films.

The research report also states that from the cartoon film Snowwhite, which appeared in 1937, there has not been a rising trend of violence in cartoon films. Remember that in the Snow White movie, stepmother and devil queen was chased by the brahmins and then she fell off a cliff.


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