Courtney Stodden refutes Chrissy Teigen's claims she apologised after bullying scandal

1 month ago 20
The ma of 2 ne'er reached retired to apologise for her bullying, says Stodden 

Courtney Stodden came distant mounting the grounds consecutive connected whether Chrissy Teigen offered her an apology. 

According to Stodden, the ma of 2 ne'er reached retired to her to apologise for her bullying.

“I haven’t received thing from her. I don’t cognize what she’s talking about,” Stodden told TMZ at a PETA lawsuit connected Wednesday. 

“I don’t know, she’s ne'er reached retired to my team. I ne'er got immoderate emails, anything," she added. 

Stodden past proceeded to springiness an proposal to Teigen, “I person a connection for her, and I deliberation that continuing to gripe astir ‘cancel club’ oregon immoderate that is, I deliberation measurement out, instrumentality your portion and possibly bash thing with charities.

"Step out. Do thing anti-bullying if she truly means what she says. Get out. Do something. And it truly helps the spirit, it does," she blasted.

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