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CSGO Prime Matchmaking and Fair Games – Is This A Reality Even?

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CSGO Prime Matchmaking and Fair Games – Is This A Reality Even?

CSGO Prime Matchmaking and Fair Games – Is This A Reality Even? Valve’s Counter Strike Global Offensive took the gaming community to a rollercoaster ride throughout the time. It is one of those gaming titles, which managed to hold fame even after eight years. Millions of gamers worldwide are in absolute awe of this legendary First Person Shooter multiplayer game.

However, just like any other online multiplayer game, the issues with hackers and negative players are prevalent. Can CS GO silver smurf Prime accounts kaufen save you from this? Can you get a standard gaming environment purchasing it?

  • What Is This Prime Matchmaking All About?

You need to have a CSGO Prime account for that, which you already have if you have bought the game. If you have not bought it, you can level up to level 21 (Lieutenant) and become a Prime member. You can also buy it from Steam or other trusted websites.

Whichever way you take to get the Prime membership, CSGO will send you a notification. It will be where you will get to choose if you want to opt for ‘Prime Account Matchmaking’. Link your phone number with your account and that is all about it.

  • Does Prime Matchmaking Guarantee Fair Games?

November 2017 was when Valve looked into the matter of making up a better matchmaking lobby for healthy players. Setting some complex matchmaking algorithms, they wanted to remove toxic players out of off the reach of genuine players. That is when they introduced the ‘Trust Factor’.

It did work, to be honest, considering that if a player gets reported several times, his Trust Factor decreases. Also, accounts with no phone numbers mean less Trust Factor. Every match you play changes your Trust Factor.

Valve promises to keep on improving the factors to continue providing a healthy gaming experience for legit gamers. This Trust Factor stuff also works with Prime accounts, which means you get double favors for great matchmaking.

  • How Can You Increase Your Trust Factor?

Keeping your Trust Factor improved is a long-term job to do. You need to maintain being a positive member of the entire CSGO community. What that concludes is that you should try to avoid killing teammates and intentional feeding of enemies. Proving to be a non-toxic blabbermouth is also important.

  • Checking For The Verdict Out Of Everything

First, you need to have a Prime account and you can buy one of those cheapest CSGO Prime accounts. The Prime matchmaking does keep hackers, cheats, and toxic players at bay to a great extent. Working with the Trust Factor, the process gets better. However, Trust Factor alone is unable to produce wonders, which is something different from Prime matchmaking.

Indeed, Valve is always improvising newer things to give you a better gaming experience. The reason gamers from every corner of the globe keep on praising the game is the overall experience.

Prime matchmaking does give you better gaming experience. Getasmurf is a great place to buy Prime accounts at affordable prices. They are a trusted site, so go get your hands on them now.


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