Dating is not just a booty call : 8 abilities add to this Relationship


Dating is not just a booty call : 8 abilities add to this relationship

Dating is not just a booty call : 8 abilities add to this relationship. Two people in love dating, do not spend all day just want to be okay about booty call? Want a more intimate relationship between two people naturally have other skills, of course, do not do will have the opposite effect, exactly what to pay attention to it? The following is the 8 point it!

1. To breath fresh.

You cannot talkative, but do not foul breath. Fresh breath is an important manifestation of the spirit, even more important than the dress. If an opening is annoying odor, it looks even more beautiful to no avail. Standing some chewing gum, especially those planning to invite them to share a romantic dinner.

2. Understand the humor.

Laughter is the best atmosphere modifier. You may not be natural sense of humor, but if we really want, focus on the accumulation, see more humorous jokes easily and television programs, and gradually there will be sense of humor. Especially in the face of embarrassing, humor can be easily resolved, not only for the image points, to make himself more confidence in doubles. But pay attention to grasp the sense of proportion, we do not have more words, the key is natural.

3. Must be punctual.

Punctuality is the integrity of the performance, when some girl deliberately late for an appointment, the other party in order to test the patience and linked with feelings for her boy. But the girl would have compromised the image, and will become a habit not punctual, resulting in greater risk.

4. Multi Surprise

Surprise from out of conventional thinking and discover fun activities, instead of a weekend watching movies, shopping. With a small gift will be a surprise.

5. To prevent arbitrary.

Love men and women tend to be stubborn, sometimes encounter problem bent. Then need to stop the other point of view to consider, if not listen lover, you can listen to the views of friends and relatives.

6. Stormy day appointments.

Select stormy day appointment is not some out of the ordinary? In fact, this will bring many benefits, because of the weather factors, you will choose an indoor activity, drinking tea or coffee, chat meditation, focus on each other and the relationship will be more intimate.

7. Focus on the instrument.

No matter how the times change, gentleman and lady style always full of charm. Men dressed clean, active, gentle and careful female, slightly shy, will give each other a good impression.

8. The setting signal.

Need some little trick or intimacies between lovers do not understand other people listen to whispers, which can narrow the distance between you and increase sense of identity. To each other from a nickname for example, with a body language “I love you.”

Dating, these points do not give a good impression on the other side of it is immune! Even if others are not, grooming is the minimum to be observed, which relates to all subsequent impression, that important, weigh you.


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