De facto UAE leader visits Saudi crown prince amid tensions

2 months ago 13

The United Arab Emirates' de facto ruler arrived successful Saudi Arabia connected Monday, authorities media said, astatine a clip of tensions betwixt the 2 Gulf allies that led this period to an unfastened standoff implicit lipid policy.

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan met Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman successful the superior Riyadh.

A nationalist quality this period betwixt Riyadh and Abu Dhabi disrupted argumentation mounting by OPEC+, an lipid producers' radical that comprises OPEC and a numver of allies.

On Sunday, OPEC+ secured statement to boost lipid supplies aft the 2 Gulf producers reached an understanding.

Analysts accidental expanding economical contention is laying bare differences betwixt Saudi Arabia and the UAE arsenic the kingdom moves to situation its smaller neighbour's dominance arsenic the region's business, commercialized and tourism hub.

State media did not accidental what the Emirati person would bash during the visit.

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