DesignCap | Create Good-looking Presentations in a Simple Way

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DesignCap | Create Good-looking Presentations in a Simple Way

DesignCap | Create Good-looking Presentations in a Simple Way. With the word “presentation,” most of us immediately have an association with the PowerPoint program. But its functionality is often redundant for everyday purposes, and learning how to create slides effectively is not so simple.

Instead of using professional and high-tech PowerPoint, we will introduce you to another simple-to-use web tool that simplifies the process of creating slides and saves you much time. It’s DesignCap Presentation Maker, a new handy tool alternative to PowerPoint, but easier for amateur designers. The numerous ready-made templates with design solutions will help you create concise, modern, and stylish presentations without any extra effort.

What is DesignCap?

DesignCap Presentation Maker is an online service with a clear interface and a set of the most necessary functions. Here you can quickly make up a presentation using standard themes and topics. This service allows you to add different charts into your presentation and easily show complex data. You can import data directly from a file of XLS, XLSX, and CSV. There are many other elements for you to choose from, such as stock photos, icons, modules, text, etc. Once the presentation is finished, you can save it as a PPTX file. Besides, the ready-made presentations can also be downloaded in JPEG, PNG, and PDF formats.

How to complete a presentation in DesignCap?

It’s effortless to create a presentation with DesignCap. You can quickly finish one like a pro in only three steps.

Step 1. Choose a presentation topic

DesignCap provides users with thousands of templates in different categories for different topics. Go presentation and find the one that fits your needs, maybe for a business plan, math lesson, product launch, marketing financial report, environment Issue, etc. Besides presentation templates, it also has designs for infographics, reports, YouTube channel art, Facebook cover, and many more.

Step 2. Add personal touch

To make your presentation design attractive to audiences, add some text, image, data, and other content to make it enjoyable. DesignCap offers you several editing tools to customize your design. You can see them at the left of the canvas: Element, Photo (online & offline photos), Chart, Text, Module, and Background.

Selecting the tool you want to edit your presentation, the corresponding tool panel will display at the top of the editing areas. Pick the one you want to apply and make changes to your design. You can complete the whole process with simple mouse clicks.

Like what I mentioned at the beginning of the article, its Chart features are very flexible and practical. For example, in its dynamic map, you can find a specific region map by merely searching the place name and then add it to your design.

Step 3. Save and export

After finishing the design, click the Save button above to save it directly in DesignCap’s cloud storage in case you want to make further editing. You can download it as different image formats and share it anywhere you want.

Start making your first design

An interesting presentation is vitally important to attract your audiences’ attention. DesignCap provides many options and countless resources for creating interesting and pleasure presentations. It is very user-friendly and effective when it comes to finding a presentation design for different themes. If you are going to have a course or meeting, create a presentation to show your idea clear to your students or potential partners. Go DesignCap to start your first presentation design.


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