Diet: Eating For Short Or Long Term Benefits?


#Diet: Eating For Short Or Long Term Benefits?

Diet: Eating For Short Or Long Term Benefits. Do you have an eat-to-live or a live-to-eat diet? If you live to eat, probably you will be drooling over your food; but if you eat to live, you can feel it in your bones the sustaining power of food. Yet it is quite common for many to have a diet as a ploy for losing weight in the shortest time possible.

Diet As Lifestyle Practice

However, a diet is best equated as a lifestyle practice of eating right to achieve many health goal like losing weight, looking at the picture of health, and being healthy for life. You are what you put into your mouth; so, wouldn’t it make better sense to eat for ultimate health and not only for short-term goals?

Short Term Diet

As it is, a short term diet can really taste like cardboard owing to overt restrictions for instant results, a diet of which you have no say even if you were to disagree with some of the stipulated choices. For a while, you may be quite willing to comply, thinking that once you have achieved your heart’s desire, you can give free rein to eating whatever you wish.

If you treat your body this way over and over again, you may find, to your utter dismay, it may work against you. Instead of losing weight, you will pile on the pounds.

Plant-Based Diet

But there is a natural way where Nature will work with you in a most delicious way. You are part of Nature; so, go work on that connection until you are fully in sync with Nature again. Yes, what I have in mind is the plant-based diet.

With a plant-based diet, you will never run into a situation where you have to constantly stave off hunger pangs, or be assailed by cravings for this food or that. Healthy natural whole foods will fill you up and prevent over-eating on your part.

Also, there is such a colorful, varied range of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains on which you can build your menu, that you will never tire of eating again. Yes, a vast array of healthy foods, prepared in so many exciting ways: stewed, stir-fried or blanched, or even raw.

Whole Foods

As you know, whole foods are loaded with medicinal plant chemicals or phytochemicals, making your supplements largely redundant. You get detoxified, then nourished and healed when you get into the swing of eating plant foods that you see in the farmers’ market or grow in your very own backyard.

When you begin that journey of eating your way to good health, good looks, and good work performance, you will never want to eat any other way again!


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