Djokovic eyes 20th Slam against heavyweight Berrettini

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World fig 1 says ‘it volition mean everything’ to him to seizure sixth Wimbledon title


Novak Djokovic admits "it volition mean everything" to seizure a sixth Wimbledon title and record-equalling 20th Grand Slam connected Sunday but helium volition person to flooded Matteo Berrettini, the Italian slugger with the physique of a heavyweight boxer.

Djokovic volition determination level with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal connected vocation majors with triumph and besides spell three-quarters of the mode to the archetypal calendar Slam successful much than fractional a century.

The 34-year-old is successful his seventh Wimbledon last and 30th astatine the Slams.

Only Federer, with 31, has appeared successful much title matches astatine the majors but the fading Swiss prima is much than 5 years older.

"It would mean everything. That's wherefore I'm here. That's wherefore I'm playing," said Djokovic who has already captured a ninth Australian Open and 2nd French Open successful 2021.

The triumph successful Paris made him conscionable the 3rd antheral to triumph each 4 majors much than once.

"I imagined myself being successful a presumption to combat for different Grand Slam trophy anterior to coming to London.

"I enactment myself successful a precise bully position. Anything is imaginable successful the finals. Obviously acquisition is connected my side."

Djokovic needed each that acquisition and famed robust volition to spot disconnected Denis Shapovalov successful the semi-finals wherever helium saved 10 of 11 interruption points.

Shapovalov was truthful distraught astatine the nonaccomplishment of his all-out battle that had pushed Djokovic to the brink that helium near Centre Court successful tears.

"There is nary holding backmost erstwhile you measurement retired connected the court, peculiarly successful the aboriginal stages of an lawsuit that I ever dreamt of winning," said Djokovic aft a 20th successive writer tribunal win.

"The imagination keeps going. I americium trying to instrumentality retired the maximum of my ain abilities each azygous lucifer and spot what happens. Giving up is ne'er an option."

Djokovic tin besides triumph an 85th vocation rubric connected Sunday portion his on-court net interruption done the $150 cardinal mark.

Berrettini, the 25-year-old satellite fig nine, is the archetypal Italian ever to marque a singles last astatine Wimbledon.

Victory volition marque him Italy's archetypal antheral Slam champion since Adriano Panatta astatine the 1976 French Open.

He has mislaid some his erstwhile encounters with Djokovic, including the quarter-finals astatine Roland Garros past month.

But helium is connected a tally of 11-0 this play connected writer having won the Queen's Club lawsuit connected the eve of Wimbledon.

At the All England Club, helium has blasted his mode to the last connected the backmost of a tournament-leading 101 aces.

Berrettini besides boasts the 2nd fastest service truthful far, 223.7kmh successful his archetypal circular triumph implicit Guido Pella of Argentina.

Weighing successful astatine 95kg -- the aforesaid arsenic a heavyweight boxer -- Berrettini has besides unleashed 254 winners truthful acold to Djokovic's 190.

However, his unforced mistake number is 167 compared to the Serb's 126.

The 2 men person lone dropped service 5 times each.

Sunday's last whitethorn not beryllium a showreel of shot-making -- rallies for some players are astatine an mean of nether 4 strokes.

Berrettini, meanwhile, has not served and volleyed erstwhile successful his six matches.

"It's going to beryllium a large atmosphere. My archetypal last successful Wimbledon, it's conscionable brainsick to deliberation astir it," said Berrettini.

A daze triumph connected Sunday could beryllium the archetypal portion of a sporting treble for Italy successful London with the country's shot squad taking connected England successful the Euro 2020 final.

"Obviously for Italian radical successful general, but it's going to beryllium pugnacious Sunday," helium said.

Berrettini is apt to person the bulk of the 15,000 fans wrong Centre Court down him.

Djokovic has go acquainted with specified scenarios.

"People besides similar to spot idiosyncratic triumph who is an underdog oregon is not possibly expected to win, is not the favourite to win," admitted Djokovic.

"But hopefully radical tin besides recognise besides the value of this lucifer for me, the past that is connected the line.

"I'm prepared for thing truly that is going to hap successful presumption of the assemblage enactment connected Sunday."

Seven-time large champion John McEnroe believes the Italian's lone anticipation is all-out assault.

"Berrettini has a puncher's chance," the American told the BBC.

"He has a immense service and a immense forehand, but it is astir whether helium tin execute and instrumentality it to Djokovic enough. If helium tin get Djokovic connected his heels often capable past it could beryllium competitive."

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