Dwayne Johnson pens loving note to ‘princess warrior’ battling cancer

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Dwayne Johnson pens loving enactment to ‘princess warrior’ battling cancer

Action leader Dwayne Johnson precocious took to societal media and fawned implicit “princess warrior” who’s followers doubled overnight aft the “tooth fairy” paid a virtual visit.

The enactment was posted to Instagram alongside a video of Luna and it read, “’Mom however did my followers treble overnight?’” I person NO IDEA however this princess warrior @luna_perrone’s followers went from 12,000 to 30,000 overnight!?! Sheesh that’s crazy!?!”

“I heard immoderate big, bald, tattooed dude named Rock oregon DJ oregon immoderate posted a idiosyncratic connection to her and shared it witEither way, Luna hasn’t been feeling good lately and watching her ticker this vid conscionable made maine a teeny tiny spot emo”.

“If this small miss lone knew however overmuch stronger she is and volition ever beryllium than her hero, that Rock fella. Stay beardown Luna and we are each pulling for you and emotion you!!! ~ the bony fairy”.

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