Experiential Event Marketing Vehicles-A Multifaceted Opportunity To Promote Your Brand

Experiential Event Marketing Vehicles-A Multifaceted Opportunity To Promote Your Brand

Experiential Event Marketing Vehicles-A Multifaceted Opportunity To Promote Your Brand

Experiential Event Marketing Vehicles-A Multifaceted Opportunity To Promote Your Brand. From the last two decades, experiential marketing is progressing by leap and bounds and it has overthrown all barriers to promote your brand. Now, your products are in the hands of consumers before purchase that helps them to make a decision. The customers get to know about the salient features of a specific product. The people are very conscious to know about your brand before they are going to spend thousands of dollars on it. Hence, the experiential marketing facilitates organizations and business profilers to build an emotional connection with their customers. This emotional connection lasts for the rest of their lives and builds a strong bond with your brand.

When we compared year-over-year data, there was a visible increase in purchase and sales of the products and services of those companies that started to use experiential marketing to uplift their brands. Experiential marketing has become the talk of the town all over the world. In the US, approximately $62.29 billion were spent on experiential marketing during 2018. This figure was 7.5% more than in 2017. It has been estimated that all successful businesses and organizations spend 1.7% of their total budget on live marketing or experiential marketing. Now, the marketers are avoiding the traditional means of advertisement like magazines, newspapers, TV commercial, or bill-boards because no one has time to find a specific time to put a glance on it. The experiential marketing tour facilitates people more than going to a physical retailer store or watching advertisements on electronic media.

Experiential Event Marketing Vehicles-A Multifaceted Opportunity To Promote Your Brand

Experiential event marketing helps marketers to share their perspectives in front of customers:

N doubt, experiential marketing directly connects a brand with customers It is the responsibility of a reliable and top experiential event agency to understand the budget trends and spending power of an industry to design an impactful strategy. A trustworthy agency believes in the best strategy and creates new dimensions for your business to expand. This is the digital era and the people are connected with each other via social media. If you are a keen observer, you must be aware of the fact that social media is the biggest platform to attract potential customers towards your brand. An agency must be aware of tactics that are powerful enough to engage the audience during the whole event. A report of Aventri in 2019 has clearly stated that technology has a positive impact to turn your experiential marketing into a successful event. It is a strong prediction of almost 86% of event marketers. Today, the top leading brands like Nike, Samsung, Apple, Amazon, CROCS, and many others are using this strategy.

Select the top experiential event agency to get these benefits:

  • The agencies create content that goes with the specific event to capture the attention of attendees
  • By offering a tangible experience, you build positive sentiments and create loyalty with your brand.
  • You can make a grand entrance of any actor/actress, influencer, or blogger as your brand ambassador to create hype. Moreover, people will stay at the event for a longer duration of time to meet those influencing personalities.
  • A powerful strategy produces brand awareness and provides brand-strengthening opportunities
  • Customer retention and conversion into loyal customers is ultimately achieved.
  • Word of mouth also attracts new customers

Customers loved Amazon’s Treasure Truck:

In the U.S, Amazon’s Treasure Truck offered multifaceted opportunities to consumers to purchase specific products at the beach-side. To get deals and promotions, the customers could download the Amazon app through Treasure Truck’s tab. They attracted the customers by facilitating them with eight high-quality patty burgers in just 35 dollars. Besides this, ‘’ Tasty Toss’’ a game played by brand ambassadors where customers could win exciting prizes by spinning a hamburger shaped Frisbee.

Experiential Event Marketing Vehicles-A Multifaceted Opportunity To Promote Your Brand

Samsung loves its customers and opened three experiential stores:

To celebrate the 10 successful years of Galaxy, Samsung decided to open three experiential stores in New York, Los Angeles, and Houston. The goal of these experiential stores was to allow attendees to try the latest technologies of Samsung. From March 2019, these pop-up stores offered an in-person experience to all customers. The visitors could easily demonstrate Galaxy gadgets including smart-phones, tablets, wearables, TVs and many other smart robotic devices. They also offered a free repair facility to all customers as well. The Global Galaxy Studio provided a platform for pop-up activation of the brand. This strategy helped Samsung to compete with its rival ‘’Apple’’ which was also following strong experiential marketing in the U.S.

Experiential Event Marketing Vehicles-A Multifaceted Opportunity To Promote Your Brand

Provide on-the-street experience of your brand to customers:

The main benefit of experiential marketing vehicles is that you can target the exact demographic location and create a unique identity of your brand. These promotional trucks, vans, buses, or coaches are suitable for food items (like ice-cream, coffee, chocolate, burgers, fries, and many more), for clothing brands, perfumes, electronics, household items, cosmetics, and for many others. In this way, your brand is on the roads connecting with thousands of people every day. It is convenient for people to put a glance on your products by passing on a road.

Pick an appropriate sized experiential marketing vehicle according to your demand:

  • The glass-walled mobile showroom trucks are perfectly designed for outdoor brand activation.
  • Likewise, the American airstream trailers are designed specially to hit any conference, event, concert, or festival because they require to set up time. Their huge size is perfect for those events.
  • You can also select a food-truck style step-van where you can show hygienic ingredients used by your company to prepare delectable food items.
  • The most commonly used vehicles are SUV with rooftop installation because they are not only cost-effective but also easy to park. They provide sufficient storage capacity and look decent at the same time.
  • Trailers with SUV are large in size and a little bit difficult to park. You should only go for them if you have a surfeit budget to spend.

Bring life to your brand by knowing its benefits:

  • The experiential marketing vehicle must be trendy, unique, and revolutionary to attract millions of customers in a specific event
  • These vehicles are easy to move at any location and there is no problem to find a space to establish a showroom for your brand
  • The vehicles help to reach potential buyers and persuade them to buy a particular product by showing live demonstration, sampling, performances, and game shows
  • These vehicles act as moveable bill-boards on roads to advertise your products and services

Fiskars offered live testing and demonstration of its tools on a mobile tour:

Fiskars provides world-class office, home, and garden tools. The company decided to start a mobile tour campaign –Discover the Difference- from Texas. In March 2012, an orange-colored Airstream travel trailer was their choice as an experiential marketing vehicle. In more than 19 cities they covered fifty stops at retailers and garden events. They offered live experiences of orange-handheld scissors, PowerGear pruners, loppers, and hedge shears to more than 50,000 consumers. This hands-on demonstration enabled consumers to get to know about the mechanical advantages of these tools. To engage the customers, the team members planned a challenging project to use gardening tools. Moreover, they launched a social media platform “Fiskars.com” where participants could share pictures. They generated a quiz to guess what would their next city to stop and offering small gifts. Hence, they created a first-person experience with their tools very beautifully. Their custom experiential trailer marketing provided the best face-to-face experience to consumers all across the U.S.

Experiential Event Marketing Vehicles-A Multifaceted Opportunity To Promote Your Brand

According to the report of AgencyEA, experiential marketing is the most satisfactory and imperative method that is accepted by 60% of the marketers. The report released by the Harvard business review on 10th September 2018, nearly 85% of the organizations gave priority to organize sponsored events to bring people closer to their brand. All most 93% of event marketers are interested to host different events and connect with customers. The trends in custom experiential trailer marketing show a powerful impact to create awareness about your brand.

Experiential Event Marketing Vehicles-A Multifaceted Opportunity To Promote Your Brand

Milo’s Kitchen took a successful initiative of doggies’ food truck:

Milo’s Kitchen specially designed a mobile tour on Milo’s Treat Truck Tour for dog lovers. The company launched its tour on 27th June at Marina Green Park in San Francisco and it was ended on 7th September at Adoptapalooza in New York City. The over-sized food truck not only offered to brand but also provided grilled BBQ in a fenced sitting area. The main aim of this tour was to enjoy a dog’s food for your dogs. The built-in kitchen was showing the high food quality to all consumers. The customers could enjoy the savory food while their pets sit on the seat. They provided personalized doggie bags and personalized plates that customers could get from the glass window. The company planned to distribute give4aways like Frisbees, recipe cards, and treat packs to all attendees. The hashtag #MKTreatTruckbroke social media as pet lovers shared multiple photographs on their accounts.


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