Feroze Khan meets juice-seller trained in aeronautical engineering

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Actor Feroze Khan precocious met up with Abdul Malik, a watermelon foodstuff seller trained successful aeronautical engineering. Malik, who is primitively from Karachi but received his Bachelor’s grade from China, was forced into selling foodstuff owed to the deficiency of employment opportunities. His communicative precocious went viral connected societal media aft a section quality outlet picked it up. 

Khan posted a representation of himself and Malik connected his Instagram, captioning it, “So I met the technologist that studied aeronautical engineering successful China and ended up moving connected a foodstuff stall here. What a beefed-up feline with a charismatic property and a bright, hopeful smile. I emotion specified people! I privation each you strugglers retired determination thing but the best. The light. The win. The dreams. They are each waiting for you. Go get ‘em! Yours truly, FK.” 

According to the statements helium made to a local quality outlet, Malik received his schooling successful the United Arab Emirates, aboriginal going to China for his undergraduate. Upon his instrumentality to Pakistan, helium interned astatine the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra, aboriginal moving arsenic a trainee technologist astatine the Peshawar Flying Club. Despite his experience, Malik was incapable to onshore a occupation with a sustainable salary. Malik, who is proficient successful Urdu, English, Pushto, Arabic and Chinese, shared that helium believes his deficiency of opportunities is simply a effect of his deficiency of references.

"I deliberation I had to look a setback due to the fact that determination was nary 1 to notation me," helium said successful an interview.  "I stayed jobless for six months earlier trying to merchantability juice. But erstwhile I started, it became an instant deed and radical started loving it. But I deliberation my vocation and aboriginal person been destroyed."

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