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Bing releases a new URL inspection tool

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  • Bing releases a new URL inspection tool

    Search Engine Journal reports that Bing just announced it's making a new URL inspection tool.
    Perhaps the most useful aspect of this is that users even get actionable suggestions and advice about SEO in an effort to improve a page's ranking.

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    The depth of how Bing's new tool assesses problems and provides diagnostic feedback is quite impressive - and definitely very helpful for marketers and companies looking to rank higher in results. Many will feel there's less cloak and dagger about Bing than when trying to decipher just how to perform better in Google results. Any issues that are preventing a page ranking get highlighted, but the tool also gives suggestions for solving those issues too. This is pretty much an SEO-oriented feature and removes a lot of the guesswork when attempting to get a page ranking higher.

    What's also neat is that you can use the tool as soon as a page is ready to be crawled - and then sort out any markup or technical SEO problems before the page gets published. That amounts to getting advice about issues preventing the page from being crawled properly, indexing problems, SEO mistakes, and an assessment of markup.

    What do people here think? Bing seems to be making a genuine effort to be marketer-friendly. This type of tool levels the playing field for smaller operations and companies with less SEO-specialised personnel, and that has to be a very positive step? The new URL inspection tool means there's more time spent developing a message, and far less time spent trying to second guess the mysterious workings of page ranking.

    Trying out Bing's new URL inspection tool
    You can read the full announcement here, and try out by clicking this link.