Four Steps | Make Custom Tea Boxes

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Four Steps | Make Custom Tea Boxes

Four Steps | Make Custom Tea Boxes. Tea is the second most-consumed drink in the world. All tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis. Tea was originated in Southwest China in the Shang Dynasty. It was used as a medicinal drink. An early record of tea drinking dates to the 3rd century AD, in a medical text written by Hua Tuo.

You are a tea lover, right? Everyone loves drinking tea.

Consuming tea is healthy and tasty. Moreover, teas are available in different flavors so you can select your favorite such as green tea, black tea, chamomile, spearmint, peppermint, lavender, etc. Tea can boost exercise tolerance.

Scientists have found that the catechins, which are antioxidants present in tea. These extracts increase the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel, which accounts for improved muscle health.

Because of the expanding interest for tea, new assembling organizations of tea are coming into the market. All companies aim to make their product famous. However, it is not easy to make the product famous. You have to work hard at creative marketing ideas. Moreover, honest implementation of the process is needed as well.

The packaging of the product appeals to more than the product. So, make your product packaging look good. Do you want to customize your tea in fabulous packaging? Then read this blog post and get to know four steps in which you can customize tea boxes. However, it will assist you in branding.

Four Steps | Make Custom Tea Boxes

 Step #1 Decide the Best Material for your Tea Boxes

Before customizing your boxes, firstly, it is important to decide the material of the box. Hence, there are so many options to select one option from it. So, for it, you have to hire a competent company’s services. They know exactly how-to do-good packaging.

However, in the market, there are different types of materials available. Kraft and cardstock are the most cost-effective material for the custom tea packaging. It is good enough to carry and protect the tea bags.

Moreover, use other materials such as corrugated and rigid. However, for tea packaging wholesale, this material is good. Hence, a rigid tea box can be used in luxurious tea packaging.

Step#2: Enhance your Tea Box with Designing

After the material selection, now select the design. The design of the tea box is also important, like material selection. After all, it is the outlook that people get attracted to, and if it’s not made good, then the purpose of the packaging is useless.

You can have personalized tea boxes. However, you can put on different graphical prints and colors on the box. Select the color design according to the flavor of the tea.

Step #3: Inscribe Printing Options

The third step is to design the layout of the box. Design the tea packaging on the computer by using graphical software, such as illustrator and adobe photoshop.

After designing your layout, the next step is printing the designed layout. The best practice is to print the tea box design through any digital or laser printer on the card sheet. Hence, digital printers have high-quality ink. Moreover, high-quality ink keeps the quality of design good.

There are several printing techniques in the market, such as digital, offset, and screening printing methods. Each technique has its own features. Choose the best design for your custom tea boxes.

You can also add foiling and other techniques to enhance the tea boxes. Moreover, you can add UV spots, emboss, or deboss features. You can also print your logo or tea ingredients on the package to make it unique.

Step #4: Hire a Best Suitable Company

Nowadays, there are so many companies in the market offering custom boxes. However, when you do not hire a competent company, your packaging is not designed well. In packaging companies, there are experts in this field who can design boxes well.

There is a company named PlusPrinters, which has a very good reputation for designing custom packaging. So how about trying their services for designing attractive tea packaging boxes.


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