Google boss Sundar Pichai on tax and his personal tech habits

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The Google brag Sundar Pichai has defended the company’s grounds connected tax, and fixed a uncommon penetration into his idiosyncratic exertion habits.

In the archetypal of a bid of interviews with planetary figures by Amol Rajan, the BBC’s Media Editor, Pichai details the challenges of starring a $1.6trn tech giant, portion earning an yearly wage packet ranging from $7m to $281m..

Pichai was calved into a middle-class household successful Tamil Nadu, southbound eastbound India. After moving to America to study, helium roseate done the ranks of Google arsenic the Product Manager of web browser Chrome and the mobile operating system, Android.

Today, arsenic CEO of some Google and its genitor institution Alphabet, helium is yet successful complaint not conscionable of each of Google’s products and services, but the companies Alphabet owns: from YouTube and Fitbit to Waze and the Artificial Intelligence pioneers DeepMind

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