Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto Review – Rockstar Popular Game

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Grand Theft Auto Review – Rockstar Popular Game

Grand Theft Auto Review – Rockstar Popular Game. When the computer came everybody was so surprised especially Kids. Because they got the opportunity to work play and understand the new generation so quickly and easily. When the video games came, at that time GTA was that best game by graphics and the concept of the game what’s so good impressive and so attractive that’s why kids spent an hour on screen.

Grand Theft Auto is an action and adventure gaming series created by David Jones and Mike Dailly later on which were created by two brothers Dan and Sam houser which developed by a British developer company. If you talk about the name of the game which took the reference of used in the United State of Motor Vehicle Grand Theft. This game has different kinds of characters just like you are biking and driving and stealing anything which you want for example you are walking on a road like a gangster whenever whatever you want there is no limit. You slap someone you steal his wallet you robber the bank or fight with police with it you also have to complete the task or Mission because the game is providing you the map. In the map you have to complete every Mission then they will give you another mission. This was so impressive that’s why you are always so curious about what you have to do the next that’s why children spent a lot of time on it. Which makes this game so popular till 1997 to 2019 the developer introduces a lot of versions like Grand Theft Auto 4, Grand Theft Auto 5 & Grand Theft Auto 6. If we are talking about the graphics. In this game respectively they introduce San Andreas, New York California so on.

Beginning of Grand Theft Auto

This gaming series began in 1997 by DMA design with the release of Grand Theft Auto. The estimation of the revenue of this game is approximately nine billion dollars which makes this game 4th highest selling video game franchise of all time. This game has been expanded into various other formats. David Kushner also wrote a series of books on it. Due to this game programmer change the concept and thoughts of games. The graphics contain a lot of hard work, Focus, Color choice, and Determination. While you are playing this game you are fully focused and curious in it. One of the Great programmers said this game changed his life, On Google after 23 years this game is still so famous. Research showed 30% of children who used computer PSP and mobiles. They know about that game which is so good and impressive.

In this modern world, we need more and more this kind of games which develop the brain of kids to understand how life is going on. GTA is the best of the best game of all time. That’s why people still curious about that game. Because they feel that it is a part of their life everybody has lots of memories which attached them with friends with siblings and a lot of things everybody has their emotion with it. We hope we will see new games like this.


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