Half of all Afghan district centers under Taliban control - US general

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More than 200 of the 419 territory centers nether militant control, compared to 81 districts past period says Gen Milley

members of the afghan peculiar   forces get   acceptable   earlier  a combat ngo  against taliban successful  kandahar state  afghanistan july 11 2021 photograph  reuters

Members of the Afghan Special Forces get acceptable earlier a combat ngo against Taliban, successful Kandahar province, Afghanistan, July 11, 2021. PHOTO: REUTERS


Taliban control astir fractional of Afghanistan's territory centers, the elder US general said connected Wednesday, indicating a rapidly deteriorating information situation.

Insecurity has been increasing successful Afghanistan successful caller weeks, mostly spurred by warring successful its provinces arsenic US-led overseas troops implicit their withdrawal and the Taliban motorboat large offensives, taking districts and borderline crossings.

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"Strategic momentum appears to beryllium benignant of with the Taliban," General Mark Milley, the president of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters.

Milley said much than 200 of the 419 territory centers were nether Taliban control. Last month, helium had said the Taliban controlled 81 territory centers successful Afghanistan.

While the militant radical had not taken implicit immoderate provincial capitals, they were putting unit connected the outskirts of fractional of them, helium said.

The authorities has accused the Taliban of destroying hundreds of authorities buildings successful 29 of the country's 34 provinces. The Taliban contradict accusations of extended demolition by their fighters.

Fifteen diplomatic missions and the NATO typical successful Afghanistan urged the Taliban connected Monday to halt its offensives conscionable hours aft the rival Afghan sides failed to hold connected a ceasefire astatine a bid gathering successful Doha.

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Biden has acceptable a ceremonial extremity to the US military ngo successful Afghanistan for Aug 31 arsenic helium looks to disengage from a struggle that began aft al Qaeda's attacks connected the United States connected Sept 11, 2001.

Almost each US troops, but those protecting the embassy successful Kabul and airport, person near the country.

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